Software and Technology Awards 2021

18 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Oct21114 Most Reliable Supply Chain Visibility Platform 2021: Real Time Intelligence Real Time Intelligence is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider with rich supply chain expertise - granting its clients the ability to gather, aggregate, and analyze visibility data. Their solutions enable new digital operational capabilities and reduce costs using state-of-the-art technologies. Here we catch up with CEO Dave Horvat to learn more about RTI, its culture, and what the future holds. n 2004, Real Time Intelligence began as a pure custom software development company that, fortunately for us, decided to concentrate its talents within the supply chain space. CEO Dave Horvat tells us that “We realized that helping people see things that are moving around their supply chain, their warehouses, and their logistics systems would be extremely beneficial to the industry.” So, instead of progressing as a broader scope of custom software development, RTI took their SaaS (Solution as a Service) module to market and built their eP360 visibility suite. RTI has an extensive background in supply chain, sensor-based technologies, digital transformation strategies, packaging, and logistics. With its eP360 suite, RTI uses its cloud-based software to manage supply chain information. They create transparency to relevant assets as they move around the supply chain and offer top-quality actionable data. Dave adds, “Our customers, historically, rely on inaccurate data to drive their business decisions, so we start at the beginning. For example, for our packaging customers, we first look at why they bought their packaging. Then we look at variables such as in-transit time, load time, time the customer has possession of it, and several metrics that show how many units they need. But, traditionally, no one goes back and analyzes it against performance. eP360 helps take out the guesswork by highlighting our client’s packaging location and how much they really need, ultimately reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. RTI also continues to use its custom development background to tailor unique solutions to their client’s needs. From tracking tools across manufacturing facilities and ensuring production processes are followed correctly to providing specific analysis on measuring performance to plan. RTI is well suited to track any assets that are important to your business, such as raw materials, tools, racks, packaging, equipment, or finished goods. With regards to its people, the RTI team is primarily remote with employees across the globe. Dave says, “At our core, we have a lot of good sensible businesspeople that come from the industries we serve. Our teammembers stem from automotive, packaging, manufacturing, supply chain, etc. We hire smart, and we are very proud of the team we’ve put together. It’s a big part of our culture.” As the culture of the team, and the business, revolves around the global supply chain, they believe that it is of utmost importance to organize and analyze data so that these supply chains can growand becomemore visible. With its asset management and integration services, RTI is making massive moves within the industry - reaching further afield with its global connections. “Most of our customers are global, which carries automatic demand to both be scalable and multilingual. Every module is extendable at least 8-9 different languages. So, when you work with RTI, you’re buying an out-of-the-box product, but you’re also buying the capability to extend the product to be what it needs to be - for you. To be able to do that artfully and skillfully allows us to continually improve our solution, not just for each individual customer but for the community as a whole,” Dave shared. 2021 was a year of growth for the company, with their employee count doubling, revenue jumping by 50%, and the tracking of 65+ million additional assets. “We expect 2022 the be even more significant - with plans to further expand into Europe and the onboarding of several key partners. We’re excited to continue to grow and help our customers achieve the visibility they desire.” Dave concludes. For their growth and success in various industries, they’ve won the Most Reliable Supply Chain Visibility Platform 2021. With clients like IFCO, Tarkett, General Electric, Faurecia, and Mercury Marine, its solution is scalable and adaptable across industries. In addition to its software suite, RTI is known for helping clients navigate the digital complexities of the current supply chain. So, for a more reliable, stable, and exciting future in developing your supply chain business, RTI is your software firm. Contact: Dave Horvat Company: Real Time Intelligence Web Address: I