Software and Technology Awards 2021

Software and Technology Awards 2021 | 15 With passion comes purpose, and THX Ltd. is passionate about empowering excellent entertainment experiences. In the motion picture industry, THX established itself as a state-of-the-art company providing the best audio and video solutions for cinema. e looked into THX to find out more about the origins of the brand, where it came from, and its evolution. In 1982, George Lucas was working on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when he identified a problem in how audiences would enjoy the film. The cinemas, where the film was playing in, had audio and video technology limitations and identifying this problem resulted in the invention of a new audio-video company that would ensure high fidelity audio and video playback in commercial theaters. THX Ltd. was introduced in May 1983 to do just that, and the THX® Certification program for movie theaters was born. Consequently, as the Star Wars movie series rolled out, and more THX Certified cinemas allowed viewers to enjoy the film as the maker had intended it to be experienced. Today, this mission continues. THX works with hundreds of consumer electronics device manufacturers to ensure the enhancement of the fidelity and integrity of music, movie and games enjoyment on such devices. From consumer electronics to gaming hardware, THX teams up with brands to give birth to the best products available. THX Vice President of Global Marketing, Grace Qaqundah, tells us, “A lot has changed since our inception, but our goal of bringing audiences the most realistic and true audio and visual experiences has not.” For the future, THX plans on staying in touch with the most present and advanced technology so that its customers can enjoy excellent sound and video with top quality precision. THX has built a reputation for itself in the industry as a “recognized and respected global benchmark that gives products a key point of differentiation in the highly competitive consumer electronics market,” Qaqundah adds. THX is consistently adapting to the market to provide the best for its customers. “Using both industry standards and a proprietary testing methodology, THX engineers evaluate and certify the audio and visual fidelity of consumer electronics to ensure they deliver the optimal entertainment experience,” said Qaqundah. It is obvious that THX cares about the user experience so that they may enjoy movies, TV, games, and music to the highest degree. For entertainment enthusiasts, THX is the leader when it comes to empowering clarity, audio immersion, and incredible audiovisual fidelity. Always on a mission to enhance the experience, THX has introduced its THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™) technology which offers limitless opportunities for superb sound. This new technology can be integrated into headphones and even into portable DAC amplifiers to ensure wonderful moments of flawless sound wipe out any unwanted audio distortionby reducing the levels of extraneous noise, as well as severely reducing any sound distortion, and increasing the power boost. THX has also partnered with leaders in cinema technology taking the standard moviegoing experience to the next level with its latest offering: THX Ultimate Cinema. With a state-of-the-art dual laser projection system, large format screen, a premium immersive audio system, and artfully remastered content, exclusively for THX Ultimate Cinema, moviegoers now have access to an expertly optimized environment designed to showcase movies at their best. Constantly developing intricate, show-stopping products for unparalleled sound and picture, THX provides the optimal service to an endless list of consumers all over the world. It will continue to mature and innovate in the industry with a pristine finish and excite consumers across the globe with a stunning entertainment experience every time. Contact: Jody Privette Young Company: THX Ltd Web Address: Sep21431 Best Audio & Visual Certification Company - Americas W