Software and Technology Awards 2021

14 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Sep21046 Best eCommerce Entrepreneur Growth Marketing Agency - UK Buying and selling online can be daunting. We are all looking for the best products and the best opportunities to buy and sell securely, and it is one thing having a product in mind then another thing being able to find what we want. A lot of this is done by searching for the right key words via our chosen web browser, and Integrity Commerce® does what it can to make this work for both businesses and consumers. tablished in 2010, Integrity Commerce® is a multi-award-winning web design and growth marketing agency that understands the importance of high quality online performance. With over 10 years of experience, Integrity is fully aware of the best ways to help online retailers, Start, Grow & Scale with their own world exclusive Shopify technologies. Shopify is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company that offers online retailers a selection of services including payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools. Integrity’s mission is to become the world’s number one Shopify Agency for expert business growth online. As an online subscription-based software, Shopify allows retailers to set up a business where their customers can shop securely from anywhere in the world. Integrity prides itself on its ability to get a business noticed and increase their revenue via the use of SEO. As Integrity has an experienced background in SEO usage, it was able to develop and present Shopify themes that can take businesses from a start-up to a fully fledged e-commerce business, fast. By engineering their own Shopify theme and unique product filter technology, Integrity has produced a Shopify Growth System that helps retailers Start, Grow & Scale, fast with their Ultimate Retail Growth Program. Specializing in Shopify growth, Integrity is aware of its market and the type of work businesses are doing – or not doing – online. By providing businesses with the right tools, technology, training, coaching and support, Integrity is making business growth entirely possible - even when companies think that they are lost in a sea of being successful online. Integrity breaks everything down so that businesses can see things clearly and work to a proven system for moving forward and growth. It wants to help and make a difference to all of those businesses; the ones that feel like they can’t make it on their own, or the ones that know they are doing well but need an extra boost. They either don’t know it is possible to grow, they don’t know why they aren’t growing, or they feel like they can’t do it alone. With Integrity’s exclusive knowledge, expertise and technology, it promises a more successful future for e-commerce businesses. By releasing its most algorithmaligned Shopify theme for SEO in 2019, Integrity Commerce® has made a huge impact on everyone that uses its smart systems. For a more fruitful business experience, Integrity Search is the answer to turn to. Contact: Kristin Atkinson Company: Integrity Commerce® Web Addresses: | E