Software and Technology Awards 2021

Software and Technology Awards 2021 | 13 Best Scientific Research & Software Development Firm – Eastern Canada Fornux Corporation was founded in 2004 in a research and development effort to target the most difficult problems in science such as memory management in C++ and astrophysics. he chances of not succeeding were initially very high, but the faith in the project was very high too, and all that was needed to complete the tasks was time and effort. The working method strategy also adapted along the way, as the collaboration of the scientific community slowly faded due to the research moving away frommainstream science. So, the support against the mainstream, especially in astrophysics, is aimed at a century of research in astrophysics and it was in fact received pessimistically, so the research followed the commercial alternative to finalise it. As far as memory management is concerned, the process has been more cooperative but nonetheless targets 60 years of computer science research and is once again against mainstream science. It is not a common research process, but now the technology is quite robust and ready to be used for various tasks in the commercial sector. Therefore, Fornux came up with a strong solution to manage the memory efficiently and in a deterministic way with Fornux C++ Superset, which can easily become an industry standard given its predictability for the defense and aerospace sectors mostly. In combination with that, Fornux developed a tool that converts pure Python code into C++ code by inferring the types of the variables implicitly, making the resulting C++ code ten-times faster than its original Python counterpart and also immune from reverse-engineering. Both software is made to coexist together in order to generate an executable that is much more efficient and predictable without having to upgrade the existing hardware. Now in 2021, seeing the potential of the programme combined with the advancement of the technology, and the knowledge that developed in the different fields, the company has turned to artificial intelligence. In fact, Fornux has a very ambitious goal, which is the development of an artificial superintelligence (ASI). This is where “it” will have abstraction capabilities and will therefore surpass human intelligence and abilities. Company: Fornux Corporation Contact: Phil Bouchard Email: [email protected] Website: T Sep21976