Software and Technology Awards 2021

16 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Sep21481 Lucata Corporation offers a next generation computing architecture built on Intel technology that provides breakthrough performance for graph analytics on Big Data. We talk to Chief Marketing Officer Terry Erisman to find out more about Lucata as we investigate how it supports businesses in their endeavours. Best Thread Technology Computing Platform - New York “Lucata Corporation leverages patented Migrating Thread technology to massively scale unified memory and conduct high-performance graph analytics, including exhaustive breadth-first search (BFS),” says Chief Marketing Officer Terry Erisman. This is not as complicated as it sounds, as Lucata removes the data access issues that create performance and scalability issues for conventional computers when processing analytics on large graph databases. “The opportunity Lucata addresses is overcoming the limitations of conventional computing in the face of ever-growing Big Data,” shares Terry. Big Data is characterized by volume, velocity, variety, and veracity; Big Data is everything related to the analysis and storage of large amounts of data. This is important for the industries that Lucata works with such as financial services, cybersecurity, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and more. Lucata “overcomes limitations by fundamentally changing how data is processed. Instead of moving data to the processors where computing threads are run, our data-centric approach moves the computing threads to the processor that is closest to the data that must be processed,” says Terry. When it comes to efficiency, Terry sums up the effectiveness of the process and says, “It is two orders of magnitude more efficient to move computing threads to the data than to move data to a fixed processor, and this efficiency increases exponentially as caches and network bandwidth becomes choked by moving large blocks of data to processors.” With regards to the global pandemic, Lucata has experienced some difficulties with parts availability as supply chains have struggled to find computer components. This has directly resulted in it concentrating its efforts on locating parts. With a shortage of parts across many industries, Lucata has worked assiduously to find the best products for its customers to benefit from. For the future, Terry adds, “We look forward to moving beyond graph analytics in the coming months and years, to deliver higher performance and more scalability for machine learning and AI use cases, based on our next generation computing architecture.” With this in mind, Lucata continues to leverage patented Migrating Thread technology that ensures high performance and linear scalability to handle even multi-petabyte graphs. This fully supports each organization and use case that it works with, as the graph databases that are used continue to grow rapidly. Contact: Terry Erisman Company: Lucata Corporation Web Address: “L “The opportunity Lucata addresses is overcoming the limitations of conventional computing in the face of ever-growing Big Data,” shares Terry.