Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 9 Nov20290 Built on over two decades of experience advising, managing, designing and developing solutions for clients from a vast range of sectors, TwelveDot is an award-winning technology and security consulting practice on a mission to help companies determine the cyber risks to their businesses. Following their recent success in the Software and Technology Awards 2020, we profiled the company to discover how they established a reputation as one of the best global security consulting companies in the industry today. Best Global Security Consulting Company 2020 ince their inception, TwelveDot has offered their shared experiences with clients and projects to help them determine the cyber risks to their businesses. With honesty and integrity being the key aspects of the business, the company does not share, sell or even post the companies they work with to ensure they protect their identities as well. These core aspects have solidified since the beginning, however they are primarily focused on building trusted partnerships with their clients. Whilst cyber is not an easy subject for many businesses and staff to comprehend, the team at TwelveDot enjoy helping the layperson better understand the key concepts and how to better protect their organizations and staff. Throughout the years, the company have worked with a broad range of sectors such as defense, Medical and Industrial for improving organizational and product security, but they have always been focused in the area of IoT, mobile and cloud security. Since this is the core competency and the focus on product development not on reselling security technology to clients, these factors have enabled TwelveDot to stand apart in the industry from their competitors. In addition to this, the company also stays ahead of the game by actively participating in both ISO and IEC standardization within these fields. To date, TwelveDot holds several editor and chair roles in these groups that aid in shaping of these fields. As for the TwelveDot’s internal culture, whilst the company is formed of just a small group of techies who simply love to be challenged, they also enjoy when they are constantly learning and trying new technology. The company is constantly updating their equipment and gear within the labs, as well as provide their students with MacBooks to complete their work. By having the best technology available, makes the job more enjoyable and exciting for staff. In recent times, one of the biggest challenges the team at TwelveDot and many businesses across the world have had to face has been the impact COVID has had on the way we work. For many of us, working from home has become the new normal. Unfortunately, COVID has also moved the cyber attack target from the corporate to the home environment. Staff have switched from being protected behind a corporate firewall and monitoring service, are now being protected by second class home routers provided by carriers. Many of these routers have known vulnerabilities when they are installed and, unfortunately, are not secure by default. The outcome is that it makes stealing IP and source code much easier. With a reduced ability to provide training support to staff, they are susceptible to being targeted by foreign governments and targeted organized crime groups for their data or access to data. As a result, the work that the team at TwelveDot provides continues to be proved as a vital asset to any business, regardless of size. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the company, the team at TwelveDot hope to continue their growth path and expand their online services for clients. For instance, the company’s training platform is soon to be announced and a mobile assessment framework for clients in multiple sectors. As a result, this will help to reduce costs to customers whilst allowing the company to take on more clients with a smaller more nimble staff. Although their service levels and solutions will remain the same, TwelveDot’s ability to service more clients will increase dramatically in the future. Having just completed their first decade in business, the team are looking to the next ten for a dramatic growth, and we are excited to see how the unstoppable force that is TwelveDot expands in the years to come. Company: TwelveDot Inc. Contact: Faud Khan Website: S ...the company also stays ahead of the game by actively participating in both ISO and IEC standardization within these fields.