Software & Technology Awards 2020

8 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Oct20868 The new digital world in which we live offers many benefits to businesses, but the risk of data loss is one that all organizations should consider. The team behind Altaro has come up with the ideal solution for commercial enterprises in the form of Altaro VM Backup. Following its success in New World Report’s Software and Technology Awards 2020, we dig a little deeper to find out more. Backup Solution of the Year 2020: Altaro VM Backup ince 2009, Altaro Software has been a leading provider of award- winning backup solutions for managed service providers, IT resellers and companies. Under the stalwart leadership of Co-Founder and CEO, David Vella, the firm has been reached over 50,000 customers across 121 different countries. With office in the US, UK, Germany, France, North Macedonia and Malta, it’s clear that the last decade has seen enormous growth for the team that reflects their success. In essence, Altaro offers a one-stop-shop for all an organisation’s backup and recovery needs, providing a solution that meets all the key areas in a network. These solutions are designed to be easy to use, with 24/7 support. This allows the first backup to be taken within fifteen minutes, and any problems can be handled swiftly. With over 200 free tutorials, ebooks and webinars, it’s clear that there is a great deal of potential in what is offered to Altaro’s customers. What sets the Altaro solution apart is a deliberate decision to keep small to mid-sized companies in mind during the design process. The team build their solutions from the ground up, which means that it is easy to keep them front and center throughout. Other companies will design an enterprise edition, then strip out features, but Altaro ensure that everyone gets the high quality solution they need and deserve for their business. As a way of working, this avoids the challenges that come with complex systems and unnecessary features. Instead of taking time away from limited resources, an Altaro product does exactly what is required of it, incredibly quickly. This lowers costs and increases the demand for their exceptional product. The resources that Altaro offers are not just designed for use with Altaro products. In fact, they educate system administrators, resellers and IT service providers about what the latest technology across the industry is able to offer. It’s an approach that has remained consistent since the firm first opened in 2009. Now, just like then, the aim is to respond to the issues of the time and use that as a basis of what is produced. COVID-19 saw the team switch quickly from working in an office to a work-from-home model. With technology running through the core of the firm, implementation wasn’t a challenge and the biggest problem was ensuring that team could engage in the same level of communication as they had done beforehand. It’s unsurprising that the firm’s challenges were reflected in how their customers were operating. To support them in these difficult times, new and enhanced solutions were developed, specifically designed to help those working remotely. These newly developed solutions built on the team’s expertise in virtualization and on their backup offerings for cloud-based and blended environments. The firm has found that many are still taking advantage of their offerings, precisely because even though times are hard, data protection is still very much a priority. 2020 has not daunted the team, who have also hit the ground running in 2021 with a range of major launches in the pipeline and the company’s January announcement of its acquisition by Hornetsecurity, leading email cloud security provider in Europe. It’s no small task to build a team that operates on an international level, serving customers across the world, but Altaro makes it look easy. Having sailed through 2020, it’s clear that the only way is up for this intrepid team. Company: Altaro Email: [email protected] S The firm has found that many are still taking advantage of their offerings, precisely because even though times are hard, data protection is still very much a priority. CEO, David Vella