Software & Technology Awards 2020

10 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Oct20006 Best High-Performance Automotive Radars Developer 2020 Delivering automotive connectivity and mobility technology platforms is all in a day’s work for start-up Metawave. We caught up with Metawave’s founder and CEO, Maha Achour, as she reveals more about the company mission and casts a light on what differentiates it from other tech companies operating in the industry today. etawave is a wireless technology company that builds intelligent and high-performance automotive radars by combining analog beamforming and advanced digital signal processing and artificial intelligence (AI). It is committed to developing and deploying novel, multidisciplinary, and smart technologies that solve core problems facing big markets to allow for better, faster, higher bandwidth communication and safer transportation while meeting consumer price and convenience expectations. Currently, the firm is solving one of the most challenging problems facing autonomous vehicles by developing SPEKTRA™ radar. This product is the first automotive, hybrid (analogue + digital) beamsteering radar capable of distinguishing between and labelling objects that are closely separated at long ranges, in difficult driving scenarios and in all-weather conditions, making cars safer and smarter. In addition, Metawave is also solving the mm-wave 5G coverage issue by developing TURBO™ active repeaters and KLONE™ passive reflectors to enable faster, more efficient 5G deployments, bringing connectivity to billions of users both indoors and out. All of Metawave’s platforms are powered by AWARE™, Metawave’s AI software for object classification on the road, and effective network optimization for 5G deployment. Founded by Maha Achour, who has more than 25 years’ experience in both public and entrepreneurial start-up companies in the RF, wireless, optics and networking industries, Metawave works directly with lead automotive companies as well as top 5G providers and their installers. “Metawave’s competitors are solving problems the conventional way so they cannot meet our performances,” states Maha, on what makes the organization stand out amongst its industry peers. “It is only a matter of time before the big guys follow in our footsteps, therefore we are building a strong IP portfolio with over 200 patent application filings and first eleven issued/allowed.” The fundamental mission of the AI team is to enable algorithm- like object detection using Metawave’s custom radar hardware. In particular, the firm wants to incorporate deep learning (an AI function that mimics the workings of the human brain in processing data) as it has made powerful advances over the last decade. Metawave is the first and only to demonstrate real-time AI algorithm at the edge for object classification to label objects at these long ranges and in all operating conditions, compared to cameras and lidars. Recent experiments involved Metawave testing its SPEKTRA™ product, featuring the long-range high-resolution FUJI radar, in tunnels during the Bay Area fires. As expected, the FUJI was able to track cars, tunnel walls, and freeway rails when the camera failed. As for the long-range Aurora Blackmore Lidar, its range dropped from 300+ meters to 125m in the presence of haze and ashes. While the automotive industry has suffered during the pandemic and continues to suffer both economic and lockdown impacts, the 5G industry is thriving due to the need for increased data speed. “Consumer hunger for higher data speed at today’s speed created a dilemma and Covid-19 further accelerated this push,” Maha states. “On the enterprise side, governments and municipalities desire to architect smart cities, roads, factories, homes, infrastructure are pushing wireless Telcos to accelerate 5G deployment with its low latency feature at the edge. Hence, the faster and more dynamic adaptation along the automotive value chain.” Perhaps the ultimate key to Metawave’s success is the multi- disciplinary aspect of the organization and the open-door environment that has been created to enable effective collaboration. “It is critical to build a strong core team that is self-managed and is not bound with today’s technology limitation,” Maha explains. “Thinking outside the box is something we all do daily. “For the future, not only will we thrive to make future roads safer using our radar technology. We are also determined to play a key role in the convergence between e-mobility and connectivity.” Contact: Maha Achour Company: Metawave Corporation Web Address: 1 | S r & T A r 2 M