Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 11 Oct20138 Best End-to-End WaaS Company - Europe “Whether you’re a favourite neighbourhood business, a creative, or a legacy company, your customers increasingly rely on online research and mobile searches to find you, make up their minds and subscribe to your brand values. You need a website,” enthuses Julian Baladurage, Co-Founder and CEO of MBJ LONDON, an end-to-end website as a service (WaaS) company. Following their recent success in the Software and Technology Awards 2020, we caught up with entrepreneur, Julian Baladurage, about his competitively-priced WaaS firm and how it is helping businesses to realise their digital potential. t MBJ, the firm’s mission is to help businesses go digital with its affordable services that design, build, and manage a business’s website and, in turn, its powerful online voice. From regional powerhouses to bespoke storefronts, Julian and the dedicated team at MBJ LONDON have experience working with clients of all types and no matter what business it is, the firmmakes sure that the website fits the industry needs perfectly. With so many companies offering website development, it is a competitive market, however MBJ LONDON ensures it differentiates from others and stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Going into further detail, Julian begins by telling us a little bit more. “Businesses should not have to be their own IT managers,” he begins. “We understand you don’t want to perform keyword research, SEO optimisation, or learn the ins-and-outs of HTML. You have bigger things to worry about, like running your business.” Most business owners are just too busy building and growing their companies to worry about taking care of and constantly updating their own websites. So, unlike other platforms, with website as a service MBJ LONDON takes care of the entire site, from design to upkeep and updates, so business owners can focus on other tasks. When it comes to building a website, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Which is why MBJ offers two different plans, add-ons, and integrations to ensure a client’s business gets what it needs. “We go far beyond creating tailor-made sites for businesses,” he enthuses. “We work like your personal IT team, empowering your company online by managing your website’s performance, generating insightful web reports, and carrying out security checks and upgrades.” Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in mid-March 2020, MBJ LONDON has experienced an influx of traffic to its website as well as an increased interest in its online marketing services. Julian believes this is because an increasing number of businesses are taking their online presence and online strategies more serious. “A lot of business owners are realising how important online marketing is, and therefore, want to find out more about how firms such as MBJ LONDON can help to sell their products and services online.” This shift to online selling is especially apparent when looking at hospitality clients, for example, catering companies are tailoring their usual offering to food delivery service instead. Another example is, that while gyms are closed, some are now offering online fitness training courses. These are just small steps for these businesses, but nonetheless, these changes are helping them to bring in an income and bridge time until they can re-open. With regards to 2021, the future looks bright. Over the past few months, Julian and the team at MBJ LONDON have taken the opportunity to reflect on the services that they can offer and the value that these services bring to clients. The dedicated staff base have thought carefully about how they approach and talk to prospect clients. Based on this research of what the market wants, MBJ LONDON has come up with a brand-new offering and decided to introduce a new Website as a Service (WaaS) pricing structure by segmenting its WaaS products into WaaS and WaaS Plus. “While we currently already offer WaaS, we are renaming this as WaaS Plus,” Julian explains. “This means that WaaS will be reframed as a brand-new product. WaaS Plus will look exactly as WaaS does now; an inclusive web design product that allows clients to get on with day-to- day business while MBJ takes care of their website.” WaaS, however, will be reintroduced as a more comprehensive version of a DIY website but cheaper than the full built option. This product will enable clients who cannot afford WaaS Plus the flexibility and creative input into designing their own websites but with our professional support. This will come in at a lower price point than WaaS Plus, making it a more affordable option for many smaller businesses. Contact: Julian Baladurage Company: MBJ LONDON Limited Web Address: A