Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 31 Founded in 2018, ANR Clinic is a medical services organization, in the field of opioid addiction treatment. Following its well-deserved success in the Software & Technology Awards 2020, we got in touch with the firm’s CEO, Ben Waismann to find out more about one of the most innovative opioid addiction treatments available today. ituated in Florida, at ANR Clinic finally there is a treatment available in the US that can help patients recover from opiate dependency. Going into further detail, Ben begins by providing us with an insight into the extraordinary work the team at ANR Clinic provides and the treatment it offers. “Typically, we offer a medical treatment which approaches opioid dependence and addiction from a scientifically based medical perspective. Working on a broad geographical level, we work with clients across the US but also internationally. Most of our clients tend to be individuals who are addicted to opioid drugs specifically, however the age-range varies with men and women between the ages of 18-55 seeking treatment.” Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) is a medical treatment developed by Dr. Andre Waismann, in which opiate dependent patients are treated for their dependency with advanced medicine, which reverses both the opioid dependency and its symptoms. With this approach, the team at ANR Clinic is able to succeed in eliminating cravings and withdrawal. Since its creation, ANR has been successfully used to relieve more than 24,000 addicts across the world of their opioid dependency. “Naturally, our mission is to allow opioid dependent patients in any medical condition to enjoy the benefits of modern medicine and to educate patients and doctors into the new reality that opioid dependency is no longer a chronic illness. At the same time our goals are driven by our four key values. These are 1) We fight the illness – never the patient, 2) Scientific excellence, 3) Compassion and 4) Continuous research and improvement.” In the drug addiction field, many of the firm’s competitors run in- patient drug rehab programmes for the most common treatment of opioid dependency. After outlining the downfalls of this method, Ben touches on some of the ways in which ANR marks itself as the leading option for the treatment of the addiction. “In-patient drug rehab programmes typically run from 30-90 days and offer help managing the drug withdrawal symptoms, as well as counselling and support. The problem with most traditional rehabs, is that they seek to help the patient mask the withdrawal symptoms, rather than address the root of the dependency. Typically, they prescribe patients opioid replacement drugs, which are considered safer, with less side effects than the original opioid the patient was using. Naturally, this leads to patients “swapping one addiction out for another”, rather than actually being treated. While rehabs are helpful to patients, we seek to eliminate the addiction entirely, and bring the patients biology to a pre-addiction state.” The key values of ANR, previously mentioned, often guide the team when they are treating patients with unique needs. For instance, ANR strictly view opioid addiction from a scientific perspective. This ensures that patients can rest assured knowing that they will not be judged or blamed for their addition. “Many places promote the idea that the patient is to blame, due to a lack of will power or discipline, which is simply not true with opioid addiction” Ben explains. “As one of our core values, scientific excellence is evident in the advanced medical technology and techniques that we use. Additionally, our compassionate team will always do everything it can to put a patient at ease.” The future for ANR looks bright as the firm already have a number of exciting plans in the pipeline for the years to come. Bringing the interview to a close, Ben signs off by kindly revealing a few of the projects lined for the team at ANR going forward. ...our mission is to allow opioid dependent patients in any medical condition to enjoy the benefits of modern medicine and to educate patients and doctors into the new reality that opioid dependency is no longer a chronic illness. “Moving forward, we are very excited for the future of ANR and we are looking forward to continuing our growth. Currently, we are actively taking steps every day to help promote our product, with lots of marketing efforts behind the scenes. As a result, we are growing exponentially, and we are looking forward to continuing that trend. Not only are we seeking total patient volume growth, but also geographical growth as we expand to new markets outside of Florida and offer our services in different states throughout the USA. “At the moment, we are working on building a network of ANR specialized practitioners throughout the US making it easier and more convenient for our patients to receive care. The vision is to spread ANR in every hospital in the US and throughout the world, giving every opioid dependent patient the opportunity to be treated in a safe and humane way for their medical problem. Ultimately, our goal is to educate and share our knowledge with medical professionals in order to make ANR a mainstream treatment available to all.” Company: ANR Clinic Phone: +1-813-750-7470 Web: Nov20429 Most Innovative Opioid Addiction Treatment 2020 “ “ S