Software & Technology Awards 2020

32 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Nov20127 MVI Systems is a software development company focused on revolutionary products for the residential multifamily building market. Having recently found success in the Software & Technology Awards 2020, we got in touch with Samuel Taub to find out more about the extraordinary services the team at MVI consistently deliver. Best Smart Video Door Systems Provider - USA ver the years intercom systems have become more sophisticated, but progress has been insignificant in terms of functionality, security, convenience, and service. Realising that this market required improvement, MVI Systems and its innovative team of designers and engineers replaced old style intercoms with state-of-the-art facial recognition and artificial intelligence. Going into further detail, Samuel starts by providing us with an overview of the firm and offers more of an insight into some of the services the team effortlessly provides. “Founded in 2016, MVI is the unified PropTech of the future and its patented KeyCom® Smart Video Door System and Advanced Building Management Platform offers visibility into all door activity, maintenance tracking, delivery and vendor simplicity, with seamless real-time communication. The MVI myKey™ smartphone apps provide residents with keyless Bluetooth entry and digital keys. MVI empowers residents with two-way video access control, timed digital visitor keys and simple management of guests and packages.” Across the US, millions of businesses invest in software development annually to ensure they remain at the forefront of their respective industry. Moreover, as Samuel goes on to explain, the firm’s KeyCom® Smart Video Door Kiosk is one of the reasons why MVI continues to lead the way. The “KeyCom® system relies on a touchscreen monitor and smartphone apps to enable residents to interact with guests and visitors with touchless Bluetooth entry and digital keys, creating a user- friendly occupant experience and offering a more secure means for accessing properties. Unlike other video door systems, KeyCom® entry technology recognises residents as they approach the system based on Bluetooth proximity, enabling them to enter the building automatically in a matter of seconds.” Prior to launching MVI, Samuel accumulated almost two decades of experience in smart technology systems for residential, commercial, and multifamily properties. Moreover, as he later informs us, the knowledge and experience gained over time has enabled him to successfully lead MVI Systems today. “After developing a background and knowledge of the needs of all the individuals who deal with multifamily properties, I decided to bring this technology to the market in 2015 and invented the KeyCom® Smart Video Door System.” Although the outbreak of COVID-19 brought a whole new host of issues for the market, MVI has still managed to thrive during these difficult and uncertain times, as Samuel briefly touches upon. “Due to the lack of ‘touchless’ options available, the pandemic initially caused problems for some players in the market. However, our system was able to fill that need immediately, as we expanded on the other needs of the market as users increasingly expect to be able to use their mobile devices for everything.” As the firm put plans in motion for the new year, Samuel signs off by highlighting some of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at MVI for the years to come. “The company was originally founded with the knowledge that 86% of millennial renters in Metropolitan areas are willing to pay up to 20%more to live in smart buildings. Initially our products addressed building security, but since then, we’ve been adding increasingly more sophisticated technology to our smart video door systems to enhance functionality and further improve the resident experience.” Company: My Video Intercom Contact: [email protected] Website: O