Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 29 nVolve Technologies is a Construction Technology company that is taking the property market by storm and revolutionizing the way people live. Co-Founder Kari Myllykoski tells us more about the concept of these high efficiency, easy construct dwellings. Volve Technologies develops high concept housing products that can be configured on-line, with components being built in a controlled environment that can ultimately be assembled on-site in less than three weeks by no more than three people. The rationale behind the company is the recent radical shift in homebuyer demand which is being driven by tech-savvy, multi-tasking, enterprising Millennials which currently make up the largest generation of homebuyers in the market today. “These new buyers want high tech, high concept, high efficiency homes that really work for their growing families and active lifestyles,” states Chairman of the Board, Kari Myllykoski. “Large “cheaply manufactured” track homes are giving way to highly efficient residences with a lower cost of ownership and significantly higher resale values.” The patent pending nVolve Building System was developed to radically change and improve the homebuilding process and provide the Best Cost of Ownership to our customers. “We don’t build “affordable” homes!” he exclaims. Instead, nVolve offers a very high-quality home that can be delivered quickly, delivered and installed with minimal need for local contractors, and is designed to make effective use of living space in a very energy efficient package giving the homeowner or the real estate investor the best cost of ownership and possibility to easily expand the house at the later day. Delivering on that promise requires high-concept designs, effective use of highly insulated structural Metal SIPS panels and prefabricated modules, and a high-tech customer interface that allows buyers to feel like they are getting a custom home. With homes are designed to appeal to a wide audience, in particular the first-time homebuyer, all nVolve homes are designed to be 1,400 sf² or smaller and are engineered and built around a patent pending Nvolve Technologies SIPS panel system. Currently, the company offers two distinctive product lines: the Diamond-1 product line, featuring a small home; and the AirDreamer-1 series (400-1,200 sf²) designed specifically for the AirBnB ecosystem and first-time buyers. Kari is an accomplished tech industry veteran and leader with a solid reputation for engaging organizations in new industry categories and elevating them into top revenue-generating entities with first-mover and market leadership positions. Kari is also a serial entrepreneur with many successful start-ups in Finland, Sweden and America, including Xplore Technologies Inc (NASDAG:XPLR) where Kari was a co-founder and VP of Business Development. He is also a founder of seven other start-ups from SaaS solutions to Computer Vision to high-end computers and Modular Housing. For the last seven years, all of Kari’s work experience has been concentrated in Hogh Tech Manufacturing like nVolve and in AI, Computer Vision, Blockchain, ML, NLP, Intelligent Automation, other advanced technologies and outsourcing. Not only is an Nvolve Technologies build high-quality, optimal size and fast to install, but the homes are also built on helical piers, which eliminates the need for an expensive foundation and allows the structure to be moved or expanded at will, and they carry a 180mph wind rating, meaning they are suitable for all weather conditions. What’s more, they are also green due to being manufactured with minimal waste, built in High Tech factory setting with reduced materials and, being operated using net zero, sealing, and solar technologies, helps to keep a low carbon footprint. All of this adds up to a lower total cost of ownership for the people inhabiting the home. “Our technologies and process increase onsite productivity by 50 - 60 % when compared to current home building practices. Moreover, according to an article in Green Building Elements Magazine2 an average new home generates 8,000 lbs. of waste per 2,000 sf² home which makes up 40% of all material dumped into our landfills in the U.S. Our patented building process reduces construction waste by over 90%.” While it may sound like this style of housing follows a certain design and will look very like the next, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, all Nvolve homes are personal with staff engaging with customers during the design phase using the end-to-end design and construction platform, Building Information Modeling (BIM) System. “The BIM provides new and potential homebuyers with a means to personalize their new home on their laptops, tablets or smart phones. They can even “walk-through” using virtual reality.” The homes can even be integrated with the latest technology – something which the tech-savvy era of Millennials require in order to fulfil their multi-tasking, enterprising needs. “At nVolve we believe this integration of technology, design, material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and construction into a single integrated system brings clarity to all project stakeholders. It enables customers to make educated decisions, increases satisfaction, and reduces errors and variance costs.” Contact: Kari Myllykoski Email: [email protected] Company: nVolve Technologies Inc Web Address: n Leading Pioneers in Home Construction Technology - USA Oct20808