Software & Technology Awards 2020

28 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Martello is a leading provider of digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions that monitor the performance of cloud collaboration and productivity tools to give businesses insight into user experience. Martello’s world-class team has established themselves as leaders in the DEM market for Microsoft 365 products and strives to ensure that as these systems become increasingly central to the way the world works now that businesses across the globe can rely on them to perform at optimal standards. Best Performance Monitoring Solution for Microsoft 365: Martello Gizmo eadquartered in Ottawa, Canada with teams based across Canada, Europe and the United States, Martello provides digital experience monitoring (DEM) and troubleshooting solutions to large enterprises and corporations. By correlating data on network and application performance with insights into a user’s experience of a business or service, Martello is able to go one step further than traditional performance monitoring systems that lack visibility and information of where processes need to be improved. In doing so, Martello strives to make every user’s digital experience as productive as possible, offering IT teams actionable intelligence through their software that ensures these teams enjoy a positive digital work experience, wherever they may be. Moreover, Martello’s advanced ability to expose obstacles in service delivery allows businesses to adapt and adjust to maintain optimal productivity. Martello is internationally recognized as a leader in the DEM market for Microsoft 365, with particular expertise in monitoring the Microsoft Teams platform. Martello seeks to bridge the gap between the front- end user experience and the complex variables of the back-end services provided by Microsoft. Martello’s DEM therefore enables IT departments to know the state of the user experience and identify any potential degradation before it materialises to impact the end-user. In its most recent launch of its Martello Gizmo product – the organization’s DEM solution for Microsoft - now includes the ability to test Microsoft Teams service quality for video and screensharing through 24/7 synthetic transactions. It allows for fast service degradation issues identification are able to be identified even sooner and teams can be alerted to the impending problem immediately. Gizmo is also able to monitor the situation throughout the entire incident until the service is completely restored. Microsoft Teams is playing an increasingly important role throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, which is seeing a rise in people working from home and 115 million daily active users of Teams across a broad spectrum of industries. As a result, Martello’s Gizmo technology is proving invaluable. The reliance of a company on their collaboration systems has never been greater and this tool must be extremely resilient as whole corporations can grind to a halt if those systems were to unexpectedly fail or suffer outages. For example, on September 28th 2020, Microsoft 365 suffered a rare multi-hour global outage which brought down Teams, Microsoft 365 and Outlook, leaving many people disconnected and unable to complete their work. In a recent article, Martello describes how the outage made clear that early notification of service interruptions increased the effectivity of the proactive IT teams. Microsoft first acknowledged an issue at 5.44pm ET, and then later announced that services had largely resumed several hours later at 10.30pm ET. However, IT helpdesks became inundated by tickets which put increased strain and pressures on those trying to rectify system issues. “This is whyMartello Gizmo is a good investment for any organization that relies on Microsoft 365,” the article tells us. “Gizmo alerted our customers at 5:27pm ET that an outage had occurred, ahead of Microsoft’s own notification at 5:44pm ET. For IT teams using Gizmo, this early warning of a performance issue that would impact many users can save them costly time addressing support tickets and troubleshoot reported issues.” It is unsurprising, therefore, that Martello Gizmo is being recognised around the world for its effective DEM solutions for Microsoft. Gizmo’s end user robots work around the clock on a global scale to monitor and manage the services that are becoming increasingly intrinsic to the way we work now. As the dependency on technology and platforms such as Teams grows, there is no doubt that Martello Gizmo will be one to watch over the coming months and years. Company: Martello Contact: Tracy King Web Address: H Oct20580