Q4 2019

8 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2019 , Oct19424 Founded in Houston, Texas, RezFree is a product built to match a demand. The public realized the damage of pesticide residues found in agricultural products. Some have even suffered from the effects of this. ‘The demand for organic products is increasing each day,’ explains Mustafa, ‘however organic products are difficult to grow, not enough to feed everyone and not affordable for most people, so we thought that there must be a third way, an alternative to conventional and organic agriculture. We found the idea of RezFree for “residue-free agriculture”, which is exactly what conscious consumers were looking for.’ RezFree is the solution to the problem that Mustafa found. It’s designed specifically to fill the hole in the market. Acting as a liquid organic-fertilizer, a bio stimulant, and a soil catalyst, RezFree degrades pesticide residues that can be passed onto people. This is one of two priorities held by RezFree. ‘One is the pesticide and chemical residues in food that cause many diseases including but not limited with cancer,’ Mustafa explains. ‘We aim to degrade the pesticide residues in food in a cost-effec- tive way so even low-income people can consume cleaner products. The second, but not Most Innovative Bio- Technology Product: RezFree As the effects of pesticide residues capture the public imagination once more, different companies hurry to fill the market with a solution that can help to stem the dangers humanity has inflicted on the planet. With their companymotto as ‘We’re curing the Earth’, the people of RezFree have used the field of bio-technology to help solve the problem. We caught up with Mustafa Kaygusuz to find out more. less important than the first one, is the desertification problem due to salinity.’ In the USA alone, around 50 million hectares of cropland is affected by salinity, and this number grows by 10% annually. Soils are the founda- tion for food, the supply of clean water, nutrient cycling and a range of ecosystem functions. Additionally, soils are non-renew- able on a human time scale and limited. Mustafa explains that by ‘using a novel production meth- od, in a very short period of time we achieved decreasing salinity levels, which is crucial to have a healthier soil and to get more yield with RezFree.’ Mustafa explains that his busi- ness is the result of years of work in several different sectors, with a fascination with bio-technology. This led to partnering up with a distinguished scientist. A lot of what followed was self-study, but the entrepreneur inside was nev- er far behind. ‘The more informa- tion I learned, the more I realized that there are hundreds of poten- tial products we could develop for the benefit of humanity, animals and environment. I decided to move and invest in the US because the centre of biotech- nology is here, and we wanted to collaborate with the best uni- versities and institutions on this field in the US.’ Since moving, he has made all his investments in this field, using the potential in the world of bacteria to solve those problems that humanity has yet to overcome. ‘We don’t have any competitors,’ Mustafa tells us. ‘All companies which produce ecological products to clean up the mess that has been done for decades are our allies, not competitors.’ Mustafa’s zeal for cleaning up the planet has gathered speed quickly. Already, he has two production facilities, with a third planned for Algeria, having run trials in desert areas last year. ‘Growing high yield crops in desert might be possible soon,’ he admits. RezFree is the gateway to a whole new world of bio-technol- ogy that could revolutionise the way that farming is done across the world. With further devel- opment already underway, we can be sure that Mustafa won’t be easily put off. With RezFree perfectly pitched to match the zeitgeist, it’s an innovation that won’t be going away. Website: www.rezfreeinc.com

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