Q4 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2019 9 , T.CON is already active in 35 coun- tries with project collaborations. The SAP Gold Partner is specialized in guiding business- es in the mill industry through the digital transformation and helping them open competitive advantages and market benefits. North America has a large number of mills and companies producing film, paper, board, felt, textiles and metal; T.CON can offer these companies an SAP and process expertise that is unique worldwide. “We have already completed more than 20 successful projects in the United States, for example, with clients T.CON establishes its first international presence Plattling-based T.CONGmbH& Co. KG has established a sales location in Austin, Texas. In founding its first international branch, the SAP consultancy has reached a keymilestone towards further internationalization of its business. such as Perlen Packaging”, explains Stefan Fiedler, a Man- aging Director at T.CON GmbH. “We are now making additional investments in this market, as we would like to see T.CON grow significantly in the USA.” T.CON also develops its own software products. This steadily increasing range of applications is likewise marketed interna- tionally. Stefan Fiedler therefore considers this first international branch a logical step. “Estab- lishing this new branch makes collaboration with our interna- tional customers easier”, he explains. “For liability reasons and for optimum processing of license sales, it makes sense to establish our presence in this way in the United States.” A location matching the T.CON dynamic The new Sales Office is located in Austin, Texas. “This city is one of the most dynamic locations for technology in the United States”, says Bradley Robb, International Business Developer at T.CON. “The Austin location is a perfect fit for our company and our pro- gressive culture.” The Texan me- tropolis is already home to Apple and Google, as well as various start-ups. Top-class technology conferences are held there, such as the SAP TechEd in 2020 and the annual SXSW Festival. Austin was also attractive for T.CON due to numerous potential local customers. The consultancy already has numerous projects south of the Rio Grande, many of them for automotive suppliers. T.CON plans to make its mark in the US with its smart, quick to implement SAP system add-ons. For example, its in-house devel- oped TRIM SUITE. The software is used by enterprises in the mill industry to ensure economical cutting planning and cost-saving trim optimization when produc- ing paper, plastic, film, felts and other materials.

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