Q4 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2019 7 , From the very beginning, OiL Chef have had a simple, but robust mission of helping operators and owners of professional cater- ing environments to reduce their environmental impact, through the implementation of eco-friend- ly initiatives. Today, the firm’s deep fryer accessory reduces frying times, energy consump- tion, and significantly reduces the risk of hot fryer oil accidents. The OiL Chef device eliminates food flavor transfers between dif- ferent foods cooked in the same oil, and significantly increases the crispy texture shelf life of the food fried in oil that has their device Eco-Friendly Solutions OiL Chef helps professional kitchen operators to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint by installing the firm’s award-winning eco-friendly chef technology - OiL Chef. Earlier this year, the product was titled the Best Eco-Friendly Frying Solution 2019. On the back of this win, we discover more about OiL Chef and the award-winning solutions they provide. installed, as the firm’s President, Sean Farry explains. “Using our device slows down the oxidation of the frying oil and retards the onset of the oil break- ing down, resulting in longer oil life and this helps kitchen owners reduce fryer oil purchases by around 50% per year. In sum- mary, OiL Chef increases profits, productivity, food flavor profiles and shelf life.” Ensuring that the products designed and created are up to the firm’s standard, is the ex- ceptionally talented team which forms the foundation of OiL Chef. The staff are instrumental to the overall success of the firm. Hav- ing the best technology is never enough, and so having great support staff, combined with outstanding customer service is priceless. At OiL Chef, what they have is priceless. Currently, the team at OiL Chef are working alongside industry leaders and developing bespoke solutions for key global clients. Since their inception, the firm have been asked on countless occasions about if they will ever design and manufacture their own OiL Chef branded high-ef- ficiency deep fryer. It is a possi- bility which the team have most definitely considered, Sean notes. “If we did go down this road, our clients would be able to renew their OiL Chef Cartridges every three years and their fryers would probably last 15 years or more. Additionally, it would probably cost one third or less than any high-efficiency fryer in the market place today. We did consider strategic alliances with existing fryer manufacturers, and while we have not totally written off this possibility, it is not our No.1 priority at the moment.” Ultimately, the future looks bright for the team at OiL Chef as they continue to invest and expand the business in the years to come, so watch this space. Contact: Sean Farry Telephone: 438 764 6444 Web Address: www.oilchef.com

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