Q1 2020

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2020 , Ensuring Best in Benefits When it comes to insurance, it is imperative to get the right deal. Most people require different coverage depending on a huge variety of factors, and it can be hard tomeasure the worth of a deal against every other provider in the marketplace today. BenefitRFP, named in US Business News as the Best National Benefit & Insurance Plan Solutions Provider 2019, can help their clients with their company benefits and insurance needs, no matter how complex or varied. We profiled the firm to learnmore following its win. Jan20096 Since the company’s founding over a decade ago, BenefitRFP has grown to become one of the best and most prolific, cloud-based artificial intelligence service providers across the financial services industry. Today, the firm continues to achieve plenty of awards for its truly game-changing technology and client-centric consulting processes, both at the national and international levels. Using the latest, state-of- the-art technology to its advantage, BenefitRFP provides companies all over the United States, and beyond, with executive benefit plan solutions. At its core, the firm is determined to help clients avoid the confusion so often associated with executive benefit planning by delivering clarity, understanding, and top-quality knowledge in partnership with their award-winning technology. BenefitRFP primarily serves the executive benefits, risk management, commercial P&C, business succession, and wealth management financial services markets all over the United States, and the wider world. Clients and consultants alike often enlist the firm’s services for corporate plan audits using its award-winning MATRIX™ system. Companies can compare their existing insurance and investments against the entire marketplace to ensure top financial results are being met and fiduciary responsibilities are covered. On average, clients and companies that make use of the MATRIX™ audits can recover more than $2m for small company plans and more than $7m for mid-size company plans. The technology that BenefitRFP display such mastery over draws on a shared network of thousands of public, private, and not-for-profit plans, participants, and consultants. The way in which firms utilize the technology and processes is by uploading their plan designs and census data into a technology which combines IRC codes, DOL and ERISA regulations to pinpoint proper plan design greatly simplifying the complex executive benefits world of plan design, funding, and implementation in an orderly fashion. Clients can eliminate wasted costs and fiduciary missteps, instead making sure that everything is done with a clinical level of precision and care so employees can benefit as quickly as possible. The BenefitRFP technology also combines corporate and participant tax benefits along with regulatory benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to provide plans that create a profit and improved cashflow for the sponsoring companies. Understanding a client’s needs is crucial for so many service-focused industries, and it is no different for executive benefit planning. That is the tangible difference that BenefitRFP bring to the table with any service provided. The team works tirelessly to know their clients inside out, from their essential needs to their aspirations and goals for the future. Every conversation is thoughtful and insightful, shedding light on the daily challenges that an organization may face. The intelligently crafted benefit plans tactically align the challenges with solutions to ensure that every client gets the best deal possible. Only once a client has been fully understood can the work begin. With a comprehensive wealth of industry experience, the team at BenefitRFP get to work in ensuring that organizations can take advantage of carefully designed benefit plans. Using the latest technology available, the firm begins an innovative process that combines products and services from the leading investment product developers with the most robust and cost-competitive administrative solutions. This allows clients, be they corporations or tax-exempt

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