Q1 2020

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2020 7 Ensuring Best in Benefits organizations, to access and make full use of exceptionally top- quality executive benefit solutions unlike any other. Not only does this kind of benefits plan retain and reward the excellence of existing workforces, but it can also be an attractive company feature during the recruitment process. Behind every service that BenefitRFP delivers is a workforce that is enthusiastic and energised to help clients create their own company culture of success. Every employee shares the same philosophy and is empowered at the same level as the shareholders to provide unparalleled customer service and build quality relationships. Throughout every level of the company, the mission statement remains the same; to partner with clients and consultants to help create and refine top performing cultures. Nowhere is that mission displayed more clearly than at the top, with CEO Bob Nienaber. Alongside his role as CEO at BenefitRFP, Mr Nienaber also currently serves multiple boards across the country, and works with the Senate Finance, and House Ways & Means Committees as an industry ambassador. By staying directly involved with congressional and industry bodies that create financial rules which govern taxes and benefits, Mr Nienaber maintains his position as an industry leader. He has also been cited in many bestselling books that have focused on the financial services, banking, benefits, and Wall Street, as well as also speaking publicly around the country over forty weeks each year. His extensive knowledge and insight into the financial services industry has proven invaluable to positioning BenefitRFP as a major player in the United States today. Introducing new and innovative technology continues to impact financial services in positive ways; ways that BenefitRFP is constantly seeking to take advantage of for the client’s sake. Firstly, it can dramatically reduce costs by magnifying measurable algorithm data and bringing measurable positive result and efficiencies to every plan or financial product available. These savings can directly feed back to the company itself. BenefitRFP’s system can save clients between two and seven million USD, and that money goes back to shareholders, or to a new executive benefits plan. Better benefits lead to less turnover, and a more structurally sound company culture in the long run. Simply put, no other financial services company offers the industry-leading and completely unique services that BenefitRFP currently does. Seldom has there been a better time to be in the financial services business, if advisors are willing to be innovative. Clients and companies alike have long sought-after top technology platforms to ensure that their plans, investments and insurance products are the best available. More than just the peace of mind that they are doing everything right however, clients also want to have top fiduciary platforms to further make sure that their companies and plans are protected and meeting all financial goals without unnecessary risks or expenses. Client centricity throughout the process is also a must for financial advisors working in the industry today. If they can tick all these boxes, as BenefitRFP constantly do, then the relationship between themselves and the client can generate truly remarkable results. A beacon of the financial services industry, BenefitRFP continues to help clients and companies deliver excellence for their own clients, but also their workforces. Constantly pushing themselves to go further in helping clients, the team at BenefitRFP can be immensely proud of the work they are doing in driving the industry forward to create superior products and services. Company: BenefitRFP Contact: Bob Nienaber Website: www.benefitrfp.com

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