North America Business Awards 2023

North America Business Awards 2023 | 9 products accurately, which in turn drives sales and enhances consumer satisfaction.” He continues, “Our vision for the future is to become the quintessential educational conduit through which cannabis brands can not only educate retail personnel but also inform and guide consumers across the U.S., promoting responsible use and a deeper understanding of the cannabis products they encounter. The values and goals that have propelled us to the forefront of our industry have only strengthened over time. As Learn Brands looks ahead, we remain committed to innovation, education, and community-building, continuing to lay the groundwork for a more informed and connected cannabis marketplace.” “Our training materials delve deeper into product knowledge, sales techniques, and customer service, tailored specifically for the cannabis industry.” As you may imagine, the future of Learn Brands is one of almost limitless potential. Though it’s one that has also been meticulously considered. From implementing an ‘Influencer Education Program’ later this year, to ‘Community Building Platforms’ in early 2024, Learn Brands knows where it’s going, and how to get there, as Max concludes in his closing comments. “In the latter part of 2023, we’re rolling out a comprehensive program tailored to educate influencers about the intricacies of cannabis products and the ethos of the brands we represent. This initiative is expected to foster authentic and knowledgeable promotion across various platforms. “Early 2024 will see the launch of a new platform feature aimed at community building. This will facilitate networking and collaboration among industry players, including retailers, influencers, budtenders, and brands, strengthening the ecosystem around cannabis education and sales. We’re also enhancing our analytics tools to provide brands with actionable insights on influencer and consumer behavior. This will enable them to tailor their marketing strategies and educational content more effectively. “Finally, throughout 2023 and into 2024, we’ll be forging strategic partnerships with key industry stakeholders to broaden our reach and impact. By focusing on these areas, Learn Brands is poised to not only increase our value within the existing market but also to redefine the boundaries of cannabis education and influence. In short, we envision Learn Brands as a beacon for the industry, where informed decisions and education drive market potential.” Company Name: Learn Brands Contact Name: Max Armstrong, Co-Founder and COO Address: 919 Terry St Golden CO 80401 Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: 9703897606 The cannabis industry is a global goliath, maintaining its impressive momentum from the outset, and snowballing into further evolution and adaptation into other sectors. In this space, Learn Brands has forged a formidable reputation for its pioneering Learning Management System (LMS) that is tailor-made to cater to the cannabis industry at large. On the back of its deserved recognition in the program, we spoke with Learn Brands’ COO, Max Armstrong for more insight into its extraordinary work and achievements. imply put, Learn Brands is the best at what it does. With a foundation built on the back of educational excellence, incredible industry impact, customer satisfaction, and recognized thought leadership, it has become a crucial element on the greater industry landscape. That hasn’t come easily, of course. The success the company enjoys and flourishes in now has been created on the back of hard work, notable expertise, and a commitment to excellence that has demarcated it from competition. After all, the cannabis industry is nothing if not competitive, and Learn Brands has set a formidable benchmark for success that remains peerless in the current market. For Max, the steps to success balanced on knowing the industry, specifically what it needed to attain stability and create adaptability. “Our mission is clear yet revolutionary: to enhance and simplify the training of budtenders within the cannabis industry. Through the development of a comprehensive educational system, we establish connections among cannabis brands, retailers, and industry experts. This empowers them with the necessary resources to efficiently educate their retail staff and budtenders, thereby enhancing customer interactions.” It’s a simple idea, but one that has quickly revolutionized the cannabis industry to be more interconnected, collaborative, and ultimately, innovative. Knowledge sharing and inclusive community growth are the driving force behind Learn Brands as it exists today, empowered and emboldened by the efficacy of its past offerings. Now, it is keenly aware of where its strengths and future lie, as Max continues, “At our core, we hold a steadfast commitment to empowering knowledge sharing and facilitating growth within the cannabis community. Since our inception, we have successfully cultivated a robust network, which now includes over 60,000 users, 250 leading cannabis brands, and 3,000 retailers. Our user-friendly platform fosters a symbiotic relationship between brands and retailers, ensuring that the latter are well-equipped to represent Best Cannabis Industry Training Platform 2023 S