North America Business Awards 2023

8 | North America Business Awards 2023 Oct23582 Landscaping Contractor of the Year 2023 - Charlotte For over 20 years, Hoaglandscape has delivered exceptional landscaping services across the Charlotte region. Driven by a simple central ethos – to make the world a more beautiful place one job at a time – Owner, Brian Hoagland has quickly built a leading reputation for his, and his team’s, work. We spoke to Brian following his well-deserved success in the awards program. harlotte is an area of extraordinary growth in a variety of sectors, driven by significant investment and population growth. As it stands then, it’s the perfect place to anchor down, especially when it comes to meeting the demands of the latter. With this foundation, Hoaglandscape has become a well-regarded, leading business when it comes to all things landscape contracting, with a service quality that exceeds already burgeoning expectations. For Brian, the key to enduring success lies in keeping things simple and perfecting the basics. “We like to provide our clients with excellent customer service and low-maintenance, distinctive designs. Unlike most of its competitors, Hoaglandscape provides turn-key services that allow it to do both water features and the accompanying landscape that is needed to complete a project with amazing results. Hoaglandscape also offers hardscape services so its customer base can easily work with just one contractor.” “Hoaglandscape won a 2012 Aquascape “Top Frog” award for its business practices. Our projects have also been featured in several trade magazines.” Despite this distinguishing element, Brian is keen for his team – and the company as a whole – to remain ‘best-in-class’ through a commitment to continual professional development and training, both in-house and external. This is all part of the company’s development, with an internal culture that is focused on creating and nourishing a fun and productive working environment. Here, Ben offers more insight on that front. “We train all our employees to provide timely, courteous service that ensures our clients are comfortable during the entire design and construction process. At the same time, we like our employees to enjoy their job. Having fun while working hard is encouraged because we know this helps encourage teamwork and camaraderie.” “Hoaglandscape holds a North Carolina Landscape Contractor License (#1233) and is required to complete seven hours of educational classes and tests in order to keep the prestigious designation,” Brian continues. “The company is also a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, one of less than 300 in the United States as a whole. The business attends an annual training event at Aquascape in Illinois, which is North America’s leading pond equipment manufacturer. This continuing education allows us to stay on top of new technologies and techniques.” Of course, these elements have also played a key role in allowing Hoaglandscape to continue to thrive in what is, in every regard, a challenging market – even considering Charlotte’s relative regional economic success. But Brian goes further still, diverting resources to capitalize on every opportunity that arises, as he continues. “In these challenging economic times, Hoaglandscape has ramped up its marketing to ensure it maintains its competitive spot within the region. Currently, our YouTube channel is a driving force for business as the company is committed to releasing educational and project videos on its channel.” Ultimately, the future of Hoaglandscape hinges on these elements working in tandem. Yet, with Brian and the team’s expertise, there can be no doubt that the company will have an extraordinary year ahead. For Brian, the future is one of continuous organic growth, as he concludes in his closing comments. “With a burgeoning population in the Charlotte region, Hoaglandscape looks forward to continuous growth. We are currently planning a six-digit project outside of Atlanta scheduled for January.” Company Name: Hoaglandscape Contact Name: Brian Hoagland, Owner Address: 321 Southfork Dr. Belmont, NC 28012 USA Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: 980.522.6166 C