North America Business Awards 2023

10 | North America Business Awards 2023 Oct23511 Communications and PR is an often-complex industry, yet it’s an industry that is absolutely crucial to the world of modern business. As it stands, if you’re a business that wants to be considered extraordinary, you need the best public relations solutions at your fingertips. Enter RDG Communications, which has carved out a reputation in this competitive space through utilizing every benefit of its size to best serve clients. We spoke with Principal and Executive Owner, Randy Gibson to find out more. Best Independent PR & Communications Agency 2023 - Western USA ith over 30 years’ experience in public relations for nonprofit groups, tribal nations, healthcare, bands, and small businesses, there are few who know the ins and outs of their work more than the team at RDG Communications. Especially when it comes to serving non-profits with the solutions that they need to thrive in this ever-competitive market. As a full-service PR agency, RDG Communications offers unprecedented peace of mind for companies that need to efficiently manage their internal resources to focus on what they’re best at, rather than be occupied with extraneous considerations. That’s where RDG Communications steps in, as Randy explains in more detail. “While we work with clients of all sizes, we are enthusiastic about our work and are able to produce high-quality results at a fast pace. Our goal is to present you and your message to the world and to promote the good work you do in making the world a better place.” “RDG Communications is a triballyowned, award-winning agency. We have been the recipient of a PRSA Upper Case Award, three MarCom Awards, and a MUSE Award for various services we have provided for our clients.” RDG Communications is all about offering smaller companies the tools to be able to match the pace of large corporations, which is all the more important when you are a small non-profit looking to change your corner of the world. “When you become our client, you become a member of our family, and we will always go above and beyond what you will get from large agencies. Things are continually changing in the world of PR and the mass media. With social media and YouTube, every subscriber is like a reporter. We work to keep up with the current trends and use a staff of experienced PR professionals along with young and upcoming executives who are fresh out of college and beginning their careers,” Randy adds. One area in which the company has distinguished itself has been in providing expert services to Native American nations of the United States and the First Nations people of Canada. Working to the individual needs of tribes across North America is interesting for a variety of reasons, which Randy highlights as, “equally rewarding because, like different nations of the world, each have their own histories, cultures, languages, and forms of government. It is important to understand those differences and be respectful of the different cultures and traditions”. By every measure, RDG Communications has thrived with those unique challenges, and cultivated a strong presence for aiding native populations with bestin-class solutions. Of course, that’s not to say it’s all been smooth sailing for the team. The significant economic uncertainty has hit non-profits more than most other spaces, resulting in a need for greater creativity when it comes to working within limited budgets. “Since we deal primarily with nonprofit organizations, we continually have challenges to their needs and wants compared with their budgets. It’s very difficult when an organization needs global promotion, but they have a budget of less than $1,000. However, if the organization has a good enough story to tell, we have often had success in getting them noticed in some larger markets. Because of sponsoring different clients, we often help them build partnerships with one another and we can purchase package deals where each group in the package can obtain services at a lower overall cost.” Ultimately, being a small agency has nurtured a honed agility and dynamism within the company, allowing for next-level client centricity. “We are able to give each of our clients individualized attention. When you contract with us, we become part of your team and you become part of our family. Also, as a small agency, we have much lower overhead, yet we offer the same services and have top-level connections like a large agency. This allows us to offer large agency services and smaller agency prices,” Randy says. With all of these pieces in place, RDG Communications has a future that will depend quite heavily on how the economy impacts the growth of the non-profit sphere. Yet, despite that, Randy remains ever-focused on the fundamental ethos of the company – helping to make the world a better place. Contact Details Company Name: RDG Communications Contact Name: Randy Gibson, Principal/Executive Owner Address: 180 N University Ave STE 270 Provo, UT 84601 Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: 918-718-1320 W