North America Business Awards 2023

North America Business Awards 2023 | 11 pecializing in the development of financial software for small and medium-sized businesses, CVS offers solutions designed to target a range of areas, including anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and reporting, sanction screening, know your customer (KYC) solutions, multi-currency accounting systems, and multi-currency point of sale systems. At the heart of the company is a commitment to crafting high-quality, adaptable, and scalable solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the world’s dynamic financial industry. Established two decades ago, CVS prides itself on the extensive experience it has gained in the development, production, and provision of professional currency exchange software, as well as the wealth of expertise it has built related to the delivery of secure financial and compliance software solutions. Operating in the competitive FinTech industry, CVS sets itself apart through its robust knowledge, strong value proposition, and excellent customer support, all of which contribute towards the client’s overall experience. On top of this, through its software solutions, the company is proud to offer unique features, which can be seen in its interface design, security features, speed of transactions, integration capabilities, and more. CVS further distinguishes itself through its competitive pricing. Since 2020, the global economy has shifted significantly, impacting travel, tourism, health and wellness, currency flows, and technology. The resulting challenges have led companies to reduce their budget for software procurement and development, forcing them to scale back their IT projects. To help its clients through these difficult times, CVS provides cost-effective software solutions and subscription models, accommodating budget constraints. Through this, the company enables businesses affected by economic challenges to benefit from cutting-edge, privacy-conscious solutions that offer enhanced security, improved compliance, and a better understanding of customer behaviors and trends. Thanks to its focus on exceptional customer service, software customization, and flexibility, CVS has been able to position itself as a trusted and reliable provider of financial software in the currency exchange community. This has allowed it to foster strong partnerships across various sectors, including hospitality, precious metals, financial institutions, private equity and venture capital, and travel and tourism. Internally, CVS operates based on a culture of innovation. Team members are encouraged to think outside of the box to come up with unique solutions to the challenges that clients are facing. To accomplish this, they conduct ongoing market research, aiming to identify emerging technologies and customer needs whilst keeping an eye on the competitive landscape. Best Currency Exchange Software Company 2023 Empowering the foreign exchange industry since 2003, Clear View Systems (CVS) is a financial software development company known for its award-winning one-stop solution for Money Service Business (MSB), CurrencyXchanger. Here, we dive into the many reasons why CVS stands head and shoulders above the rest, leading to its success in the North America Business Awards 2023. Furthermore, CVS invests in training programs and professional development courses designed to keep the team updated on the latest industry trends. The company is also proud to participate in conferences, seminars, and networking events, through which it engages with its peers, seeks insight into relevant market developments, and establishes potential collaborations. This focus on innovation and development can be seen in the pioneering nature of CVS’s various products and service offerings. With the recent expansion of CXR Cloud, a fusion of CurrencyXchanger’s best features and the adaptability of cloud technology, the company has been able to tap into new clients and markets. As a result, it has reached new sectors, including private investment, real estate, travel, tourism, and the gaming industry. Overall, CVS is more than just a software provider; it is a valued partner that supports businesses as they navigate the intricacies of the financial landscape. For this reason, the firm has been named Best Currency Exchange Software Company in the North America Business Awards 2023. Currently, CVS is working to integrate advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into its transaction monitoring system, aiming to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of financial transaction analysis. The company is also developing a proprietary training data generator engine, a tool that produces synthetic data that mimics real transaction patterns. This will allow CVS to ensure that its AI models are trained on diverse and comprehensive datasets without compromising the security and privacy of customers’ data. Contact: Tiran Behrouz Company: Clear View Systems Web Address: S Oct23384