North America Business Awards 2022

North America Business Awards 2022 | 21 Nov22345 Digital Marketing is, in many ways, the engine of the digitised world of business. As everything moves ever more online, you need experts on hand to capitalise, innovate and advance your brand across an almost limitless landscape. Epic Strategies has proven to be one of the leading companies in this sphere. Following the team’s success in the awards program, we spoke with Senior Vice President and Partner John Scroggins to find out more. Most Innovative Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - USA hen it comes to global marketing firms, there’s few that can match Epic Strategies. With a reputation forged through simply best in class services and expertise, it has become the de facto leader in a market that, while growing swiftly, remains incredibly competitive – and is only growing more so with each passing day. There will always be a demand for digital marketing, and there is an incredible demand for Epic Strategies work, as John discusses in more detail. “Epic Strategies is an award-winning, industry-recognized fullservice advertising and marketing agency serving domestic and international clients. Services include strategic planning, creative, website/e-commerce development, direct marketing, promotions, public relations, and customized technology solutions across multiple industries. Headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, Epic has offices in Kansas City, Omaha, Nebraska, and Tustin, California, with international associates in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, and Denmark. “We aim to provide clients with epic results with the strategies and solutions we develop to grow their businesses. We’re agile and pivot quickly as analytics dictate. We’re accountable and deliver transparent reporting. Epic Strategies is enthusiastic about helping clients navigate uncertainty and trying new approaches.” If there’s one thing this industry has become known for, it is an ability to be dynamic, adaptive, and dextrous to changing needs and requirements. This need is reflected almost perfectly within the internal culture of the company, which champions values that prize creativity and innovation. “Our core values are providing an exciting, dynamic, and inclusive business in which employees can collaborate and share ideas that strengthen the value we bring to our clients.” John explains before adding, “Culture is defined by how we treat our employees and interact with our clients. Our employees, as a whole, embody our culture. As we grow and add new people, it’s important that they feel welcomed, empowered, and connected. Change and agility define much of our culture. We work across many industries and have employees with different levels of expertise in many different areas. Mutual respect is key, especially when interactions occur online, which they often do. Understanding the cultural differences we embody is another element of our workplace. Sensitivity, curiosity, and inclusion help support a diverse workforce that benefits our clients by having multiple perspectives on any issue.” “Epic Strategies is on a rapid growth trajectory, having grown from 7 employees in 2019 to 72 as of December 2022. Our revenues have W gone from slightly more than $1 million to more than $7 million in the same timeframe.” This is an industry with so much potential – limitless potential. As technology develops, and the world of business eventually moves more and more online, digital marketing will become only more in demand. And, naturally, more competitive. When it comes to competition, it would be safe to say that few will be able to match Epic Strategies’ pace. Here, John offers more insight into the company’s future. “Our future is one of continued growth. As technology changes, so will we. Our internal experts will continue to expand the knowledge and insights they bring to clients. And we will be pushed upward by a continual influx of talent who are true digital natives. They eat, breathe, and think from a digital-first perspective. And the advancements they will bring to medicine, science, education, health, and well-being will go far beyond anything we can imagine. “For Epic Strategies, our goal for the remainder of 2022 and Q1 of 2023 is to firmly integrate our last two agency acquisitions into our Epic culture, ensuring that our systems, platforms, and protocols are in place to support our future growth.” Company: Epic Strategies Contact: John Scroggins, Senior Vice President & Partner Address:1370 East Primrose, Suite A, Springfield, Missouri 65804, USA Website: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone: 417-416-3446 “If a solution doesn’t currently exist. We pull our team of branding, marketing, and tech development experts to build one. The answer is rarely “no” when a client asks if something is possible to accomplish with tech. It may take some time to figure out the right solution, but we feel we’re riding the wave of technology into a future that looks brighter than ever.” - John Scroggins