North America Business Awards 2022

North America Business Awards 2022 | 22 Best BBQ Events Catering Company 2022 – Texas Who doesn’t love a BBQ? They are great for every occasion and celebration, and they bring everyone together. We’ve found a BBQ catering company that has been bringing people together for decades. Founded in the year 2000, Baker’s Ribs will be turning 23 very soon! We are excited to introduce its delicious food to you as it wins this prestigious accolade in the North America Business Awards 2022. uilt upon an extensive amount of experience and the desire to satisfy those intense cravings for tasty food, Baker’s Ribs creates the best flavour combinations for each item on the menu. As a family owned business, Baker’s Ribs is a close knit team of dedicated to providing the best food for BBQ events around its area in Weatherford, and beyond. The long time management team and duo, Brian Krier and DeeAnna. Brian Krier is the pit-master and lead chef, and DeeAnna specializes in marketing and community engagement so that the entire team can function smoothly with expert hands to guide them. The Baker’s Ribs family is a passionate one, always looking for ways to create even more bold flavours that will leave us wanting more. Its unique selling point is most definitely its certified black angus beef brisket, herb dill potato salad, and original fried pies that are all filled to the brim with flavours that are a match made in heaven. Some of the team have been with Baker’s Ribs for 15, 18, and even 20 years! With their excellent customer service skills and loyal attitude, they have evolved with the company over the years – and they are thriving in such a positive, friendly atmosphere. Event hosting and management is something that requires a lot of skill, and Baker’s Ribs has always had what it takes to succeed. One thing that truly made it stand out to us is the way it managed to get through the effects of Covid-19 recently. Throughout the pandemic, Baker’s Ribs shut down every Monday to give its staff members a break. It also cut down its menu options, but still managed to serve a diverse selection of wonderful and luscious meals to a plethora of customers. Baker’s Ribs believes that the benefit it experienced throughout this time is the feeling of closeness that its team developed between themselves and the community. When restrictions allowed it, Baker’s Ribs still managed to host BBQ events and cook for groups of 10 people or more at a time throughout such tumultuous moments. It is now back in full swing, able to host events for around 500 people before major holidays – and we couldn’t be happier to present it with Best BBQ Events Catering Company 2022, Texas. For the future, Baker’s Ribs just set up its new bar and bar menu, serving five new tap beers, frozen margaritas, and cocktails in the Baker’s Comfy Corner Bar. Its success is sure to continue as it keeps B coming up with ways to innovate its business – offering only the best flavours and textures to all. Contact: DeeAnna Krier Company: Baker’s Ribs Web Address: 22 | North America Business Awards 2022