North America Business Awards 2022

20 | North America Business Awards 2022 oncentrated Solar Multi Effect Distillation and Dewatering Systems (CSMED) use solar thermal energy to process water from a range of sources including agriculture, industry, mining, or municipal wastewater, brackish bore and hyper-saline water (including salt lakes), seawater, sewage, fracking water, and even mine tailings dams. CSMED units are absolutely integral to a sustainable future, as they allow us to process water in an eco-friendly way. This is also a much cheaper option both for the planet and for our bank accounts. D&D Manufacturing has worked hard since 2007 to create equipment that does everything we need it to, whilst preserving the world we live in. As Thermoplastic Composite Matrix Parts are lightweight, rigid, damage-tolerant and recyclable, they are absolutely invaluable to CSMEDs. These units ensure a successful manufacturing process that can achieve any goal. Whether that’s to remove a percentage of distilled water, or separate and distil up to 100% of the available water, D&D Manufacturing has an excellent solution for the job! With its in-house research and design team, D&D Manufacturing enhances the Proprietary Sheetless Thermoforming (STF) Composite Plastic Manufacturing Techniques to promote a healthier planet. “Backed by a large, current IP Portfolio that is continually expanding. D&D Manufacturing is committed to improving product efficiencies and growing operational footprints.” Its over 14 years of experience has proven it to be a sustainable developer of solutions for a plethora of industry needs, and we think its experience will carry it through decades more. Presenting D&D Manufacturing with Best Thermoplastic Composite Technology Manufacturer, Southeast USA, has been a pleasure, and we are sure to see it innovate these systems well into the future. Its work is allowing us to become more environmentally friendly and cost effective, so that we can give the planet a new lease of life. If you’re looking for a reliable, planet friendly, and cost effective way of processing your water supplies, contact penny.farrar@ today! “D&D Manufacturing specializes in developing Thermoplastic Composite Processing Technologies for production of exceptionally large and precise Thermoplastic Composite Matrix Parts.” Oct22465 We are proud to announce that D&D Manufacturing LLC has won such a prestigious award in the North America Business Awards 2022. It provides licensing and support of patent plastic manufacturing of large parts including Concentrated Solar Distillation Systems. Here we take a closer look as it applies expert knowledge and skill to its everyday activities. Best Thermoplastic Composite Technology Manufacturer – Southeast USA C Contact: Penny Farrar Company: D&D Manufacturing LLC Web Address: