North America Business Awards 2022

North America Business Awards 2022 | 19 Unique Verve is a health and beauty clinic quite unlike any other. Established in 2007, it not only provides luxury skincare treatments and procedures, but it is also a dedicated functional medicine practice. We find out more about this innovative practise from owner, Natalie, in light of it being recognised in the North America Business Awards 2022. ased in Boston, Massachusetts, Unique Verve is a skincare and functional medicine practice with a scientific and holistic approach. Founded and operated by Natalie Maibenko, Unique Verve has earned a stellar reputation for its functional medicine approach. With more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the skincare industry, treating all skin types and concerns including acne, rosacea, aging skin, pigmentation, age/sunspots, Natalie focuses on using her knowledge combined with cutting-edge skincare equipment and technology, care and an exceptional level of customer service, to ensure her clients leave her practice 100% satisfied with their experience. Although it had been operating as a luxury skincare spa for many years, the functional medicine side of Unique Verve was born from Natalie’s own frustrations due to her declining health. In 2016, she developed hair loss, fatigue, severe insomnia and IBS symptoms, which then morphed into anxiety, heart palpitations, hot flashes, and even memory loss. “I was desperate for answers and solutions,” she shares. “When I saw several physicians, this is the point when I was expecting to get guidance for recovering my health. Instead, the only solution that I received was anti-depressants. For a person who has never taken any medications, it was not an acceptable answer!” Defeated and frustrated, Natalie decided to take healing into her own hands which lead her down the path of intense learning of functional medicine science. After completing a rigorous two-year advanced educational program, she became a certified functional medicine practitioner. “Functional medicine addresses root causes of disease, dysfunctions, and imbalances in the body through the interconnectedness of the systems in the body while bringing the entire biochemistry into the homeostasis,” she explains. “I utilize functional medicine science to optimize the body’s function with the inside out approach while providing a personalized wellness treatment plan. By addressing the root causes of a problem, I help clients put their skin and health problems into remission without the use of drugs.” Functional medicine training is rigorous and intense, with practitioners being required to dedicate to a minimum of 620 hours of education and learning in advanced functional medicine science and validated application through clinical case studies. Natalie, who undertook her training at the School of Applied Functional Medicine, which is an Accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) Provider, is now an accredited AFMC practitioner and she tells us more about the AFMC difference: “It is this tireless commitment to ongoing education and clinical application that makes AFMC certified practitioners sought-after experts in their field. From physicians to nurses, chiropractors to health coaches, pharmacists to nurse practitioners, AFMC certified practitioners are highly qualified in the application of functional medicine to their practices.” Through intensive study of chronic disease aetiology, functional physiology, and evidencebased intervention, along with hands-on clinical practice, AFMC certified practitioners are uniquely qualified to provide individually targeted strategies that address the multifaceted nature of today’s complex health challenges. Graduates emerge with a deep knowledge of functional medicine science and application, plus the systems-thinking skills required to tackle complex cases while identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Natalie’s healing journey directed her doing a vast research into the supplements and look for scientifically researched ingredients that are the highest quality, effective, bioavailable, bioactive, safe, free of any additives, fillers, binders and GMOs. As a functional medicine practitioner she partnered with the pharmaceutical grade supplement manufacturer to produce effective, bioactive and safe supplements. This is when Natalie launched her line of high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements. Recently, for her dedication and commitment to her clients, Natalie and Unique Verve gained recognition in the North America Business Awards 2022 and was rewarded with the prestigious accolade of Best Functional Medicine Practitioner – Boston. Understandably delighted with this result, Natalie is now focused on growing her business in order to help more people with their health conditions. “It is my passion to help others and share a hope that it is possible to heal the body and feel healthy and vibrant again! Contact: Natalie Maibenko Company: Unique Verve Web Address: Oct22663 Best Functional Medicine Practitioner - Boston B