North America Business Awards 2022

18 | North America Business Awards 2022 Best Tunneling & Boring Contractor 2022 - Eastern USA If you’re looking for a tunneling and boring contractor with a ‘can do’ attitude, you’re unlikely to find anyone more qualified than Turn-Key Tunneling Inc. With more than 17 years of experience, employee-owned Turn-Key Tunneling handles everything from basic repairs to full-scale design-build projects. We take a look at the company in more detail with Vice President, Monica Varasso. olumbus-based company, Turn-Key Tunneling is an industry leader in trenchless tunneling and boring operations. Certified in Ohio, West Virginia, and Tennessee, the company’s services include steel casing pipe installation, vertical shaft construction, installation of liner plates, slip-lining to restore damaged or failed sewers, pipe jacking, and hard rock boring using SBU technology. Turn-Key Tunneling also provides emergency repair and equipment rental services. Founded in 2005 as a family business, professional engineer, Brian Froelich already had extensive experience in the tunneling sector. He saw a gap in the industry he knew he would be able to fill. Choosing the name Turn-Key for its meaning - ‘ready for immediate use,’ the company set out to complete every project to the customer’s full satisfaction. When asked what makes Turn-Key Tunneling stand out from the competition, Monica tells us, “Our combined years of experience allow us to innovate where others can’t. The company continues to evolve and we’ve built a reputation in the industry. We love a challenge and we’re known for our ability to solve complex tunneling issues.” As you might expect, challenges are frequent in the tunneling industry. Turn-Key Tunneling uses a problem-solving approach to every issue it encounters. Re-engineering, revised designs, and effective communication enable the team to devise new approaches. The aim is not only to find a solution to every challenge but also to bring the project in on budget. Monica says, “We’re always ready to analyze, engineer, and design new strategies, and they often save both time and money.” Built on values of mutual respect, ethics, safety compliance, and customer satisfaction, the company works with a range of government and state agencies as well as private contractors. On the subject of safety, Monica explains, “Our work can be dangerous so it’s important to prepare for the unexpected. We always follow best practices and procedures. This ensures we complete jobs to a high standard and that everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.” The key to any successful business is its people and Turn-Key Tunneling is no exception. The team is like a family. The approach to communication is open and respectful. Everyone is encouraged to bring forward their ideas. The company is also enriched through the trusted relationships it has built with partners and affiliates. Ultimately, 2022 has seen a big change at Turn-Key Tunneling. Monica shares, “Ownership of Turn-Key Tunneling passed over to employees C through the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). This allows employees to benefit both as owners and shareholders.” “The ESOP complements our core belief that people are our most important asset. As employee-owners, we all benefit even more from our commitment to customer service. And we’re more motivated than ever to provide quality work that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.” Contact: Monica Varasso Company: Turn-Key Tunneling Web Address: 18 | N rt A erica B sines A ar s 202