North America Business Elite Awards 2021

North America Business Awards 2021 | 16 An Eye for Details. Best Elite Automotive Detailing Company - South Central USA Established from his passion for technology, Tim A. Washington founded ‘POLISHED by:Full Attention to Detail,’ is an automotive detailing business that has won nine consecutive awards for its excellence since its launch. Recognised as South Central USA’s Best Elite Automotive Detailing Company, Polished obtains consistent revenue growth by offering high-quality and unmatched services within its field of expertise. ounded in 2012, ‘POLISHED by:Full Attention to Detail’ specialises in a niche market, concentrating on vehicle appearance detailing with unparalleled craftsmanship. Founded by Tim A. Washington, Polished can correct and restore the exterior clear-coat of vehicles – a process that involves removing all imperfections, which results in a flawlessly executed look that many clients couldn’t see before Tim. Additionally, the company offers the newest technology of protection, Ceramic Pro, which is the original top-tier ceramic coating system. POLISHED is recognised as the Best Elite Automotive Detailing Company of 2021 with its innate ability to perform expert details and high-quality service that is unmatched in the industry. It is without question how and why the company has been able to gain nine consecutive awards under its hood. “Notoriety follows passionate people over time. Our company has reached its tenth anniversary, and the milestone of having a continental award proves that POLISHED puts clients first with transparent results displayed on social media daily,” states Tim. With detailing so superior, no filters are necessary – just pure talent and dedication from Tim and his team at Polished. The POLISHED team comprises of passionate, diverse and talented individuals who have ‘an eagle eye’ for attention to detail. Moreover, it’s a safe and considerate work environment for people from all walks of life. The owner is of mixed race and is a proud member of the LGBTQ community who has an absolute zero tolerance for discrimination. Tim runs his company filled with rich culture and a permanent open- door policy. He does his best to include people from all backgrounds and beliefs to work together in a creative, harmonious, and collectively innovative environment. “Some clients in our area tend to feel discriminated against; therefore, we go above and beyond to respect, accept and give them the equality they deserve along with the same top-notch service that sets us apart and above our competition,” states Tim. Whilst his impressive skills within the industry are unmatched, it is his heart-warming and caring person for his clients and works that truly sets him apart from other businesses. However, despite his best efforts, the Covid-19 pandemic still affected the company, much like many other businesses around the world. Due to local mandates and the state’s recommendation, POLISHED was closed for roughly five months, which may not seem a lot, but to a business, it’s critical. However, Tim and his team could pivot this challenge, reaching out to other business owners and influencers and creating a podcast (intersections- IPE) – completely innovative and unexpected for a business within this industry. As Tim explains, “We took the lemons of the pandemic and turned it into something better.” Currently, intersections - IPE is focused on community-driven networking, spotlighting guests and their business and passions. “Having this podcast launched a viewership for our YouTube channel that has been growing on a national level,” expresses Tim. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic was the leading economic challenge for POLISHED, the company has still been able to service its clients in an updated manner, with safety being the top priority for everyone who comes into contact with the business. With the continuous achievement of delivering award- winning results, POLISHED has garnered a reputation that is second to none – an irrefutable choice when it comes to automotive detailing. Moreover, in 2022, POLISHED plans to expand into a full-service Auto- Spa that delivers more than automotive detailing and ceramic coating installation services, but the addition of future paint protection film, tinting and vinyl wrap installations. Tim understands the science and process of getting highly sought-after results with a sophisticated engineering background. For the company, the demand and attention to detail keep the business at the forefront of the industry with its numerous awards piling up year after year. Company: POLISHED by:Full Attention to Detail Name: Tim A. Washington Email: [email protected] Web Address: F Oct21296