North America Business Elite Awards 2021

15 | North America Business Awards 2021 Oct20711 Successful Times. Best Specialist Community Media Platform - Southeast Texas The Lebanon Times was created by Nabil Habbaki, Editor-in-Chief and Julia Nader, Executive Editor. Since its first published issue in May 2012, The Lebanon Times has been a highly regarded magazine within Houston, Texas within the Lebanese community – sharing a cultured voice and reaching the homes of all Arabs and Lebanese individuals by bridging the gap between Arab American Society and American Political Authorities. Recognised as the Best Specialist Community Platform, The Lebanon Times is internationally acknowledged as a landmark within Houston. ublished in Arabic and English, The Lebanon Times is nearing a decade with publications covering politics, world news, business, and culture throughout the Gulf Coast region. Through the efforts of Nabil Habbaki and Julia Nader, The Lebanon Times can provide an unbiased, unmatched and supreme quality of reporting, editing and communication. Together, Nabil and Julia are active members within their surroundings and are seen as leaders within their community with their customer-centric and cultural approach to their magazine. To create a thriving community, along with a supportive business, they two must coincide and work together. Thus, Julia and Nabil have been able to do so, utilising their magazine to bridge the gap between fellow communities - empowering and informing their readers with a balanced and equitable approach to reporting. During its time within the industry and within Houston, The Lebanon Times has achieved an overwhelmingly respected recognition within the industry before its first decade of operation. However, for most magazines, let alone a small start-up company in Houston, being an international success and reputable brand is complex, even in the biggest cities. To create a magazine in the hope of bringing communities and cultures together by the sheer determination and innovative talents of two people, it’s nothing short of a hard-earned and well-deserved establishment. Founded by Lebanese Americans trying to learn the way of their new land, their efforts have not gone unnoticed. In addition, they have helped several other individuals feel represented and information with a mixture of cultural collaborations. “We are a proud company. We are proud of our honest reporting, our reputable name, and the promises we keep. We are proud of how we report the details and present information to readers in the form of telling a story that all will understand. We are proud that we belong to every Arab, we belong to every American, and every person is a brother or sister to us in humanity without looking at race, religion, or political interests,” states Julia Nader, Co-Founder of The Lebanon Times. While its innate foundation is undoubtedly an aspect that has differentiated the company and magazine from competitors, there is simply no business like The Lebanon Times. The magazine is individualised yet a combination of various cultures, unbiased and balanced in reports with a cared for and informative reporting approach. “Our readers will find rich articles about the Lebanese and Arabic community. These bold investigations and daring subjects highlight the P role of Lebanese and Arabs in helping the economy and in social services,” states Julia. However, like most businesses globally, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, several companies were severely affected by the pre, post and current difficulties posed by the pandemic. Thankfully for Julia and Nabil, they overcame the struggles of the pandemic and continued printing timely and on schedule. To ensure that everything went smoothly and was kept up to date, The Lebanon Times worked consistently and continuously, proving to the community and its readers all its hard work and passion for the magazine. In 2020, The Lebanon Times received an award within the Magazine Publisher category from the Houston Award Program, a further testament to its exceptional quality and the value of the magazine within the Houston Community. Additionally added to their collection, The Lebanon Times has been established as the Best Specialist Community Media Platform in Southeast Texas from the North American Business Elite Awards for 2021. For Julia and Nabil, it is a privilege and highly regarded honour to be recognised for their hard work and dedication to their service to the community. The pair have successfully connected communities through a vast network, which has highlighted many businesses in between. Overall, The Lebanon Times is a significant asset to the Houston community, cherished and appreciated by all - a local and international success within the industry. Company Name: Lebanon Times Contact Name: Julia Nader Contact Email: [email protected] Web Address: 1 | N rt A ri B i A r 2 Oct21337