North America Business Elite Awards 2021

North America Business Awards 2021 | 14 Oct21455 Recognised as South Carolina’s Best Cleaning and Pressure Washing Service Provider, Squeegee Clean Inc, was established by (now) husband-and-wife team, Burke and Staci Allen. The couple had worked part-time whiled enrolled as full-time college students at Columbia Bible College – now referred to as Columbia International University – and founded the business as a way to fund their college and living expenses. During this development, the pair discovered that their business was growing and adopted additional employees to help meet their ever-growing client base. Husband and Wife Clean Team. Best Cleaning & Pressure Washing Service Provider - South Carolina n 2004, Burke and Staci Allen launched their business Squeegee Clean Inc as a means to afford college and living necessities. Starting as a two- person business, the company has eventually expanded enough to seek additional employees to help run the labour and administrative work. Many of their clients within the area brought up to the founders that they would be interested in additional services, including pressure washing and soft washing. Thus, after some research and development, Burke and Staci decided to expand their service, causing their customer base to immensely grow. Eventually, Burke graduated with a Bachelors in Bible, and a Masters in Counselling and Staci graduated with a Bachelors in Bible and a Masters in Teaching. While they never went into those fields, the education and training provided to them at college enabled the couple to develop and run a successful business centred around Christian values and principles. Since its establishment, 20 years have passed and has seen the business side of the industry change from pen and paper invoices to new technologies, software and social media platforms. Yet, though the business has changed to keep up with the modern world, the company’s overall core has remained the same, with unwavering standards. Co-Founder Staci Allen explains, “When you choose Squeegee Clean, you are not only fulfilling a need of your own, but you are also contributing to enriching the lives of our teammembers and their families, and our community.” The team at Squeegee Clean is overwhelmingly passionate, dedicated and wholly involved in providing cleaning excellence based around a customer-centric approach. Specialising in exterior cleaning services towards commercial and residential clients, Squeegee Clean utilises only the latest technology to ensure soft wash, pressure wash, and window cleaning is done to the highest standard for homes and businesses alike. Serving Columbia, South Carolina, since 2004, Squeegee Clean, staff members have always played a vital role in the business’s success. “Anyone can perform the services we perform, but what sets us apart is the quality of our teammembers and that in turn produces quality in our relationships with our customers and quality in the workmanship of our services,” states Staci. The business provides unmatched qualities in its line of work, such as genuine care for safety, teamwork, respect, honesty and integrity. For the company and all its workers, providing its service is not just run of the mill paycheck; it’s a dedicated practice that cares for what it does for its employees and community. These qualities have been deemed essential to sustain morale. However, in terms of the external market, the business had seen drastic decreases during the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic. But as the saying goes, when one door (window) closes, another one opens. “We experienced a huge reduction of services to our commercial window cleaning clientele, but as a by-product, we witnessed a dramatic increase of services to our residential clientele because more people were staying home,” states Staci. Currently, for Squeegee Clean, Burke and Staci are thrilled to announce the launch of its first commercial headquarters property. The addition of this building is bought in hopes of propelling a new generation of business, giving a permanent physical place within the community that will encourage more members of the surrounding area to apply for jobs, all whilst gaining more customers in the process. “At the heart of everything we do in our business is people. It is so important never to lose sight of the fact that our focus isn’t really about our services, but it’s about the people,” states Staci. A humbled, dedicated and enthusiastic woman of business who, with the help of her husband Burke, the team at Squeegee Clean and all their clients, has made the community a sparkling success. Company Name: Squeegee Clean Inc. Contact Name: Staci Allen Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] I