North America Business Elite Awards 2021

13 | North America Business Awards 2021 Oct21531 A software as a service company providing financial software solutions to a worldwide roster of clients, Clear View Systems works with all manner of professionals in order to ensure they have access to secure financial facilities. Creating defensible, reliable, and up-to-date fiscal solutions that include customized CRM software, anti-money-laundering capabilities, API products, and more, it has most recently diversified into offering cloud-based solutions, showing its continued dedication to development and growth. Leading Providers of Currency Exchange Software 2021 lear View Systems – or CVS – is a company that has proudly been developing, producing, and providing professional currency exchange services to an international clientele of small to medium sized businesses since its inception. Fundamentally, this company has built its notoriety upon the 20 years of experience it has accumulated in providing safe, secure, and dependable currency exchange software solutions to a myriad of different clients across a variety of industries, maintaining strong relationships with these professional entities. These relationships are something that CVS is proud to say currently make up a huge network of business contacts of lifelong friends to the business, and include hospitality, precious metals companies, financial institutions, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and tourism groups. At its core, CVS has been built to provide quality solutions to support existing and new customers in a changing industry. It knows better than most that finance is a highly changeable and dynamic field, with a penchant for rapid change that can be hard to keep one’s finger on the pulse of; therefore, it does this so that its clients don’t have to, keeping them up to date with the most recent and relevant information so they’re never caught off guard. Producing quality, trusted software that grants robust anti-money-laundering options whilst also delivered a customized CRM software solution and accounting capabilities, it’s no wonder how CVS has made itself such a cornerstone of its client’s operations. With the launch of the CXR cloud, this has become even more poignant in recent times. CVS, with this solution in particular, has been able to make itself known to yet more market segments and professionals, adding to the company’ robust CurrencyXchanger Software, API products, and Digital Rate Boards. Critically, another part of its incredible success and naturalistic, sustainable growth, has been its incredible team. With each of them having made the growth a possibility with their hard work, tenacity, innovation, and fresh perspectives on the company’s new ideas, its staff are a global network of young and seasoned professionals who work remotely with an unshakable camaraderie. Its flat structure and active participation model ensures this is true across each of its teams. Consistently up to date with all manner of financial regulations, AML compliancy stipulations, and regional elements, it has most recently seen the most fluctuation in its industry in the travel and tourism space, causing it to diversity its portfolio into other sectors and resulting in yet more growth of its contact network. Naturally, it has been dedicated to helping such travel companies as well, recognising the difficulties many of them have been facing due to cuts in revenue thanks to the pandemic and rallying itself to show its unshakable dedication to collaborating with its clients. With its long-standing relationship with the currency exchange community, its secure connections with its clients, and the rollout of its CXR Cloud solution, it is looking forward to additional growth thanks to mingling its existing exemplary software with cloud-based work, implementing stricter security measures such as SSO and 2FA in order to enhance its capabilities. Consequentially, it is looking forward to setting itself even further above its competition as it enters a new year of prosperity. Company: Clear View Systems Contact: Tiran Behrouz Website: C