North America Business Elite Awards 2021

17 | North America Business Awards 2021 Oct21290 With the launch of its e-commerce site, projects in the works to operate in tandem with Fortune 500 companies, and plans to work with a few bold and bright new start-ups, Top Tier Group has made itself the international delivery firm with a difference. Critically, it has been working alongside the wider industry in order to be a linchpin in pulling it through the difficulties of the pandemic, and with a team that has doubled in size recently, it looks forward to moving towards the opportunities that 2022 and beyond will surely present. Best International Multi-Market PPE Import/Export Business 2021 op Tier Group, in essence, is an international exporter of products and goods to a wide variety of different markets. Shipping products from its warehouses in North America, it can reach anywhere in the world, operating across borders and a myriad of different industries in order to make itself one of the most exemplary delivery and logistics companies in the industry. Fundamentally, it can ship all manner of things, but has become known for its distribution and transport of PPE in particular – especially over the course of the pandemic – as such products proved invaluable and are still in incredibly high demand in an essentially sector agnostic manner. Additionally, its innovative solutions are able to meet and exceed a client’s needs every time. Operating with a great level of flexibility, adaptability, and tenacity, it takes pride in its ability to deliver consistent excellence no matter the size of the order or the length of distance that is needed to be covered, able to expedite delivery times and to dropship directly from its suppliers if necessary. No matter the specifics, Top Tier Group will always go above and beyond to show its clients how it has earned the level of faith that its industry has in it as a company. Moreover, it operates through both small and large order fulfilment centres, showing how well-organised it is internally; this organisation is a large part of its success story, as it is consistently able to categorise and identify orders, processing them in an efficient manner made possible by its professional and well-trained staff. This, in essence, it also emboldened by the ideals and values that form the beating heart of the business. Top Tier Group upholds the highest standards of integrity in all of its work and behaviours, whether conversing directly with a client, forging deals with partners, or engaging in activities with its business peers or competitors. This has allowed it to gain a reputation for being a cornerstone in the sector and a delight to work with, further empowered by its consistent striving for great work in even the most minute details, leaving no minor element of a delivery unchecked. It also strives to create ‘win scenarios’ for its clients as every turn. These ‘win scenarios’ specifically speak of its high quality and market domination, having secured an expansive network through which it can reach all elements of the worldwide corporate ecosystem, resulting in a diverse clientele that ranges from restauranteurs to hospitals and medical clinics. Furthermore, the team behind Top Tier Group has made this possible with the exemplary and helpful way in which they approach clients, from the sales team to the drivers. Thusly, when it brings new hires on board, it prioritises seeing whether they will thrive in the diverse and dynamic environment it has created. After all, it is the team’s brilliant and forward-thinking mindset that has allowed Top Tier Group to pull through the challenges of the pandemic, ensuring it can go into 2022 planning for further growth having seen its team nearly double in size. Company: Top Tier Group Contact: Isabel Grindell Website: T