North America Business Awards 2020

Best Business Accounting, Tax & Advisory Firm – Southern Alberta getting access to the funding that was available. Being this flexible does mark the firm out as unique, but there are a great many other facets of the service provided that make HPPC unique in the industry. The firm will stands behind its services no matter what, whether it be to deal with any CRA queries, or work to secure the correct filing of tax returns. Staff are always accessible on the phone, via appointments or walk-ins are also welcome throughout the day. For those unable to be accommodated during regular working hours, HPPC also works to ensure that they are catered for. Looking to the future, HPPC knows that expansion to the service provided also demands an expansion to the staff team. Catering for the needs of the clients is an absolutely imperative part of the business that HPPC will strive to maintain even as it grows. As the firm grows, it will seek to expand its staff to cater to the needs of its clients in a timely fashion, thereby ensuring that the clients themselves do not see or receive any penalties for late filing of various returns and relevant tax forms. Every business and corporate entity needs to be on top of their taxes and finances, and enlisting the services of this outstanding business is the perfect way to make sure that everything is taken care of. HPPC truly deserves this award recognition, and every future success that comes the firm’s way. Company: Harpreet Parmar Professional Corporation Contact: Harpreet Parmar Website: