North America Business Awards 2020

8 | North America Business Awards 2020 Staying within the financial regulations is an imperative part of running a business. Nobody wants to be caught financially, so staying on top of taxes, audits, and accounts is a crucial part of running a business. For those that require help in doing so, Harpreet Parmar Professional Corporation stands ready to assist with all facets of managing finances. To find out more about this invaluable firm and the services it provides, join us as we take a closer look at what it has to offer to businesses of shapes, sizes, and sectors. arpreet Parmar Professional Corporation (HPPC) is a fast-growing and small chartered professional accountancy firm that provides a wide variety of services involved in the world of finance. It could be accounting, assurance, book-keeping, corporate tax, personal tax, new business set-ups, business plans, business advisory services, incorporation, payroll services, GST returns, CRA audits, or anything else involved in finance; whatever it may be, HPPC delivers excellent results. The ethos at the firm ensures that all services are provided in a timely and professional manner, whilst also staying in full compliance with the various federal, provincial, and municipal government agencies across Canada and the Southern Alberta region. As well as the service delivery that marks out HPPC as being a truly exceptional partner to work with, there is also the internal culture within the company that clients can be proud to be a part of themselves. HPPC boasts a team of incredibly friendly, professional, and talented staff that are always on hand to help clients cater to their every accounting, tax, and other business finance related service. Working tirelessly on behalf of the clients at all times, fostering an internal culture of enthusiasm, excitement, and engagement is absolutely key to the success that HPPC has achieved over the years. This team comes together to serve the diverse clientele that the firm has, from the city of Calgary, to other part of Alberta, and many other provinces across Canada as a whole. One of the kay teammembers includes Harpreet Parmar themselves. With more than twenty years of professional experience working at a senior level with one of the Big Five accounting firms (Grant Thornton LLP), Harpreet is perfectly positioned to lead the firm. This experience at Grant Thornton LLP is coupled with a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree, as well as more experience in public accounting, and private industry experience working as a controller for a medium-sized manufacturing company. Surrounding Harpreet is a core team of equally key members who are just as qualified, and bring just as much experience, insight, and understanding to their roles. Together, this collective wealth of experience in providing top notch advice and service to clients all over North America ensures that HPPC is in a place where it can do much the same, but better. With many happy and satisfied clients having benefitted from the work carried out by Harpreet and the team, the business of HPPC as a wider entity continues to grow thanks to word of mouth support. When working in an industry that is constantly evolving and changing, however, there also needs to be measures taken to ensure that the position at the forefront of the industry is maintained. HPPC does take these steps to ensure that it is at the forefront of any emerging developments by encouraging professional development of staff by regularly attending various conferences and webinars, thereby keeping knowledge up to date and staff ready to provide a proper and professional advice to clients. The corporate landscape in terms of financial movement has been rather stagnated by the emergence of COVID-19. It is no secret that governments all over the world have suffered greatly at the hands of this virus, and that is no different in North America. However, that does not mean that the corporate landscape has lay down and taken this as it has come. Instead, there have been many challenges and opportunities for growth and collaboration during this time, and that is what the firm has held fast to. During the pandemic, as the federal government in Canada has announced a variety of grants and subsidies to small businesses to help keep them afloat, the work of HPPC has become even busier than usual. HPPC has had direct involvement with these small businesses, and is now in a position where it can guide clients, as well as help themmake the most of these grants and services that have come from the federal government. Economic changes and challenges have undoubtedly affected the work that HPPC has carried out, but as has already been mentioned, the federal government wage subsidy programs and the federal business loans have helped maintain some semblance of normality for the firm. During the hard-hit months of 2020, HPPC stood as a bastion for small businesses that needed help in managing their finances and Oct20643 Best Business Accounting, Tax & Advisory Firm – Southern Alberta H The ethos at the firm ensures that all services are provided in a timely and professional manner, whilst also staying in full compliance with the various federal, provincial, and municipal government agencies across Canada and the Southern Alberta region.