North America Business Awards 2020

Best Insurance KPO Services Provider 2020 lot of businesses to set their teams up to work remotely with extreme haste. This way, OIP gave itself a head start in troubleshooting and supporting its staff with transitioning to the new routine, having had the whole company fully moved to their home offices as of March. The result for OIP was outstanding, as there was no business interruption whatsoever, and the firm was able to meet all the goals as it planned to do so. 2020 may have been a year of some normality for the team at OIP, but there have been challenges as well. Luckily, as hard as the insurance market was hit this year, it is still managing to adapt and maintain itself, and OIP can say that it has steadily entered recovery mode. There were some done deals and new partnership that had to be put on hold, largely due to the fact that the worldwide atmosphere is one of uncertainty, which is not really a favourable climate to venture into something new. On the other hand, OIP has also had certain growth due to the pandemic and companies resorting to finding more cost-effective solutions to break even. Therefore, the measures that OIP is taking are mostly including a proactive approach towards both new and existing clients, hearing their needs, and finding the best ways to accommodate them by providing stability in an insecure world of today. Looking to the future, OIP has a brand new company website that has recently been launched and it will be used to promote the new services that the firm has started to offer through its new venture OIP Robotics. In addition to that, the firm also plans to grow further and to diversify its operations to cover more entities and countries in the global insurance market. Ultimately, OIP is a truly outstanding firm that deserves every success, and its future is certainly a bright one with innovative new offerings well on the way. Company: Outsource Insurance Professionals Contact: [email protected] Website: