North America Business Awards 2020

6 | North America Business Awards 2020 Using extensive experience and expertise in the insurance field, Outsource Insurance Professionals (OIP) has grown to become a reputable Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company that is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. OIP has processing centres in Serbia and Croatia, and it aims to offer its clients the possibility to let a trusted and experience American company handle their tasks with low offshore rates. Find out more about the firm has been named the Best Insurance KPO Services Provider 2020 in New World Report. ince being founded, OIP has strived to provide Underwriting Support and InsurTech services for MGAs, Carriers, Program Managers, Retail Brokers, Inspection Companies, TPAs, and IT companies all over the world. Its core services surround deep underwriting support tasks and IT solutions which bridge the gap between technology and insurance requirements. Working with the core values of integrity, togetherness, quality, fairness, and innovation, OIP continues to set the bar as it passionately shapes the future of insurance KPO services. The proficiency of OIP’s Underwriting knowledge in all lines of business allows the firm to excel in underwriting support tasks for all of its clients. Furthermore, the creation of the American Insurance Academy, a teaching institution established with the mission of educating young professionals through thorough and constant training, upholds the firm’s statement to deliver exceptional service. For clients in the world today, partnering with OIP as a leading insurance outsourcing company will add value to their operations, as OIP will process their tasks with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. OIP takes enormous pride in being one of the most respectable equal opportunity employers in this particular region of Europe, and is therefore considered one of the most favourable employers in places such as Serbia and Croatia, as well as the United States. Across the globe, the firm’s employee base consists of young college graduates that enjoy the supportive and encouraging international company working environment which allows them to build their careers and advance within the company. OIP never hires managers from an external source, but fosters a system where anyone within a company can grow to achieve their goal and reach new heights. Not only does this serve as a great pulling power when considering young employees at the beginning of their career, but it also serves as a great motivation to the top talent from the labour market. What makes OIP unique is this business model that invests highly in building up people and their knowledge of the firm’s inner workings. As a direct result of hiring and promoting internally, OIP can be pushed further as a business. The internal promotion strategy means that everyone at the company, including top management, started originally working at the entry-level position of Underwriting Assistant. From working in this position, top management staff know the nitty- gritty details about the services that OIP provides to its clients, and the challenges that entry-level staff can face on a daily basis. OIP can therefore take pride in both the knowledge and in-house experience which it uses as a competitive advantage in being able to handle tasks with high complexity that involve making sound on-the-spot judgements and decisions. Another key benefit to hiring from within is that client relationships that have been formed over time are maintained, and not lost. Given that insurance is mainly an industry and business that is formed on relationships, OIP is constantly striving towards building great relationships with its partners that go beyond regular business-focused cooperation. That is not the only way in which the firm strives to be the best, however. In an industry that is always changing and evolving, OIP is also always striving to stay ahead of the changes and be ready for most of the potential challenges imposed by the industry by continuing to do what it does best: provide knowledgeable staff and impeccable service to clients. For example, since automation became a key part of business and 2020 accelerated the need for automation like never before, OIP launched a new venture called OIP Robotics alongside some of the greatest up-and-coming technology talents in Serbia. These employees then go through the Academy for extensive insurance training before being set to work in connecting the two worlds and preparing an offering of cutting-edge and innovative technology solutions to both current and prospective clients. Of course, one of the biggest challenges presented to companies all around the world in 2020 was that of the emergence of COVID-19. Well before the breakout of the virus, OIP saw the need to anticipate the severity of the situation. Taking matters into its own hands, the firm took all necessary precautions and measures to protect both the health of employees and also ensure business continuity should the worst happen. OIP began to move its team in phases to work from home environments where they could be safe, and it also succeeded in setting everyone up even before the state-imposed measures that forced a Oct20862 Best Insurance KPO Services Provider 2020 S Its core services surround deep underwriting support tasks and IT solutions which bridge the gap between technology and insurance requirements.