North America Business Awards 2020

Best Business Case Study 2020 school with a vision to transform the traditional model of a business school, creating an outward-looking institution that thrived on innovation and new teaching techniques. ISM was therefore created to give its students the global perspectives they need to develop and thrive as modern business leaders and innovators. Students are typically working, senior-level professionals who want to enhance their learning experience, and ISM programmes are designed with that in mind, available across multiple continents and online so as to allow students to combine e-learning with face-to face learning. Flexible, learner-centric, and with a practice-oriented focus on research, the ISM programmes attract working executives from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to continue learning without having to pause their careers. The result is a diverse and international alumni community that is always learning and evolving. Moreover, by forming partnerships across the emerging markets of the world, ISM gives students access to acclaimed academics who are also leaders of their own companies and significant influencers of international business practices. They are hand-selected to share their expertise at ISM to the small, intimate classes of students who are able to benefit from close access to the best and brightest minds of the business world. Moreover, as experienced professionals themselves, the students are able to contribute to these classes, learning just as much from each other as from the ISM faculty. As such, ISM’s greatest asset is its position as a community of collaboration and learning that brings together students, professors and alumni frommore than 130 nationalities. Consequently, ISM students are not only able to gain unparalleled knowledge of the business world but also build a network of business leaders who can support them on their own roads to success, demonstrating the benefits of joining ISM that continue long after they have completed their programme of study. Although a worldwide institution, at its heart, ISM fundamentally remains a relatively small and agile company that is responsive to trends in business innovation and to the needs of its international community. Leveraging the innovation it was built on, ISM evaluates and adapts so as to optimise the learning experiences it provides to ensure its students get the greatest opportunities to gain profound understandings of their chosen field in a learning process that is flexible to them. The agile and innovative nature of ISM has put the international organisation firmly in a fairly secure position throughout the ongoing pandemic, despite the inevitable challenges Covid-19 has posed over the past year. ISM was quick to move its courses online, as the e-learning function was already an integral part of the school’s flexible learning model. Moreover, the ISM community has long been accustomed to the idea of working across borders and time zones and the pandemic has, in fact, enabled ISM to expand its digital capabilities to great success. However, the economic impacts of Covid-19 are inevitable and as fellow schools and institutions catch up with the capabilities of online learning, ISM is working hard to enhance its learning experience to remain competitive. Yet the internationally acclaimed institution retains its reputation for excellence and innovation. The case study for which it has achieved success at the New World Report: North America Business Awards 2020, and which combines the considerable expertise of members of ISM’s core faculty and one of its students is a testament to that excellence. The case has become a valuable learning tool available through the Case Centre (ref. no. 320-0324-1) and is emblematic of the lucrative cohesion of academia and practical experience of the business world that is offered by ISM to its incredible international community of business leaders. Dean Baena says, “ISM students possess an amazing wealth of experience worth being documented. The case is a concrete attempt to bring to life and share this invaluable well of knowledge.” Company: The International School of Management (ISM) Contact: César Baena | [email protected] Website: