North America Business Awards 2020

10 | North America Business Awards 2020 Water is one of the most valuable commodities in the world, and ensuring that the public have safe and easy access to it is an essential service. The team at LOGISTEC have built their reputation on excellence in this area. For more than sixty-five years, they have been an irreplaceable resource to many communities. We take a closer look at the company in the light of its success in the North America Business Awards. n 1952, Quebec Terminals Ltd. (now LOGISTEC) was founded by Roger Paquin. It was the beginning of a journey that would tie together the maritime industry and environmental concerns to create something truly unique. For nearly seven decades, the team have been an essential part of reliable supply chains, while also ensuring that care is taken to protect both the environment and its priceless water resources. For a company built on the capacity of water, it is not surprising that the team have found themselves adapting to the needs of the present day. This adaptability was built into the company from the very beginning, with Roger Paquin possessing an uncanny ability to predict the changing shape of the shipping industry. While the firm grew into a household name for its role in ports and terminals, the team looked to how they could maintain environmental services as well. The result is a company that is more than capable of tackling any problem that might arise. This is a team that is known for its ability to create a safe, sustainable and creative solution to even the most challenging problems. Certainly, it’s a skill that has kept the team going for nearly seventy years. This skill is built on the strong values that guide every decision made at LOGISTEC. The team are renowned for their reliability, imagination, ability to go beyond what is expected of them and their sustainable approach. Over the years, solid processes and a passion for learning and improving have enabled the team to establish supply chains that are incredibly efficient and cost-effective. Often, this involves taking smart risks that bring about incredible returns. Needless to say, when the team at LOGISTEC comes together, they know that they are not expected to find a solution alone, but they embellish and encourage the ideas of their peers. No business could last as long as LOGISTEC without a passion for reaching into new areas and territories. LOGISTEC is best known in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence and East Coast regions, but has terminals in ports around the world. The team are always looking for places in which they can expand, making supply chains simpler and deliveries more straightforward. New businesses, partnerships and opportunities are key to the company’s success today, with a team that is empowered to make the necessary moves to thrive in a rapidly changing market. Something that has not changed over the years is the need to think about the future. Sustainability is not always the first priority of those who work in the transport sector, but it has opened the door to a whole new world of business for the team at LOGISTEC. It’s where the team’s passion for innovation and creativity comes to the fore, with new ideas required in order to reach ambitious and stringent targets in this area. One of the major priorities for the team lies in their ability to serve those who need water solutions. In a world where aging water infrastructure is affecting communities across the region, the services that the team at LOGISTEC provide are essential. Today, 37% of water in our communities is lost in water leaks, which has an enormous impact both on the systems that are being used and the valuable resource that water is. While renowned for its work in logistics, the move of LOGISTEC into environmental concerns has brought the team a great deal of success. In short order, this team that started with a passion for water now sees its conservation and protection as an important part of its business plan. The team use next-generation technology to renew and protect aging water infrastructure from the inside with minimal disruption to communities at large. This work was first trialled in Montreal, where innovation is the norm. Once proven on a large scale, it could be transferred to other cities such as Toronto and New York. The impact cannot possibly be measured, but it has certainly made an enormous difference to the world at large. With many areas suffering extreme seismic activity, the LOGISTEC solution provides a way forward that is revolutionary. For the last twenty years, the team have been developing ALTRA, a trenchless technology that ensures water main rehabilitation. Not only is it the more environmentally friendly option with less GHG, it gives an extra 50 years of life expectancy to what infrastructure already exists. Old systems regain structural capacity as well as pressure and flow capacity. Perhaps most importantly in busy metropolitan cities, the LOGISTEC solution is a way of guaranteeing rapid installation that needs very little digging and the minimal of community disruption. Gone are the days of Oct20638 Best Innovative Water Solutions Company - Quebec I For nearly seven decades, the team have been an essential part of reliable supply chains, while also ensuring that care is taken to protect both the environment and its priceless water resources.