North America Business Awards 2020

Best Innovative Water Solutions Company - Quebec complete street excavation, replaced by an efficient, clean and small- scale installation that makes an enormous difference. Finding ways of making a difference is part of what sets LOGISTEC apart from the crowd. Their approach is practical and forthright in a world that is calling for creative solutions to complex environmental challenges. One of the biggest signs that the team at LOGISTEC are committed to the cause is the team of more than 450 people who are constantly researching for ways of solving contaminated site remediation and water main rehabilitation. This isn’t a new part of the business, but one which has been built in for over thirty years. There are few organizations in the world that boast such a high level of experience and knowledge in the field. Water has been the business of the team at LOGISTEC for nearly seventy years. Riding on it, delivering from it, it has been a loyal partner. Now, the team are being recognised for their efforts to conserve it for future generations. The team at LOGISTEC have gotten a lot fromwater, and now, they see it as their responsibility to give something back. Company: LOGISTEC Contact: Marie-Chantal Savoy Website: