North America Business Awards 2020

12 | North America Business Awards 2020 Nov20305 Best Health & Wellness Nutrition Manufacturer – USA Most companies felt the pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic, but for some the impact was far from negative. We look at Natural Cure Labs’ success story in the wake of it being awarded Best Health & Wellness Nutrition Manufacturer – USA. ounded in 2015, Natural Cure Labs is a certified minority-owned dietary supplement manufacturer with a portfolio of immune- support focused products which offer a science-based approach to natural health. The company’s aim is to produce research-based, all-natural immune support dietary supplements for those looking to gain access to naturopathies, regardless of their access to medical insurance or prescription drugs. Products in the Natural Cure Labs portfolio are meant to help serve the 27.5 million Americans who do not have medical insurance and the 54 million adults who reported the inability to pay for needed drugs in the past year. With operations New York, California, and Florida, Natural Cure Labs has a nationwide distribution network in 33 states and coverage in most major online marketplaces and strives to product quality, trusted, research-based dietary supplements to all. The company obsesses with producing research-based quality products to win the trust and confidence of its customers. These core values are reflected in everyone it works with – from label printers, to ingredient suppliers, to distributors. Natural Cure Labs employs certified doctors, researchers, and medical professionals to help formulate, research, and validate products with a dossier of human clinical studies which aim to bolster trust and transparency in an often-opaque product space. Staying compliant is the largest challenge in the United States marketplace. Every contract, formula, label, and marketing asset must be reviewed and approved by industry-specific legal experts. Although this activity consumes a high amount of time, effort, and resources, the trust and transparency it provides to assure customers in addition to and longevity of the business is a worthy investment. Natural Cure Labs is always monitoring consumer trends and newly published research. For example, the Nutrition Business Journal estimates that sales of cold, flu and immunity supplements will reach $5.2 billion in 2020, with growth of 51.2% over 2019. Nearly 10% of all U.S. supplement sales in 2020 will be for immune support, emphasizing Americans’ interest and confidence in supplements to support their immune health needs. In response to customers’ growing demand, Natural Cure Labs has enhanced and expanded its portfolio of immune-focused supplements to include a larger variety of products. Additionally, the company has added several new online retailers to offer consumers extra flexibility and choice to access products safely and conveniently this season. The last 12 months were exceptionally challenging due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. With inventory levels being completely exhausted in March, supply chain disrupted due to the halt of global trade, and manufacturing capacity squeezed due to labour shortages and stay- at-home rules, Natural Cure Labs used this opportunity to refocus the company on providing trustworthy and quality products and launched three new innovative products which received numerous industry awards. The business grew more than 50% as a result and it is expected that this trajectory will continue. The firm’s commitment to provide exceptional products which are USA-made, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free will certainly continue into retail in 2021. It has partnered with a retail distribution expert to help expand its award-winning product portfolio into community stores and shops providing convenience and more choice in local markets. This move is an enormous investment in logistics, storage, fulfilment, and just-in-time capabilities for the company, but one that it is felt will add exceptional value and choice for consumers. Natural Cure Labs has overcome countless hurdles to become one of the most trusted niche players in the industry. With a loyal base of customers, outstanding quality, and compliant operations, Natural Cure Labs is one of the most admirable new entrants to this space. Company: Natural Cure Labs Contact: Damon Sununtnasuk Email: [email protected] Telephone: +1 (800) 303-6214 Website: F