North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 13 A fast-growing company with multiple different concepts within its scope, Top Tier Group is a multi-faceted group of excellence that is based in Toronto, Ontario. Currently offering Top Tier Moving and Storage, Top Tier Containers, Top Tier Safety Supplies, and Mein Haus Staging, Top Tier Group is in a place where it is growing to offer more and more excellence to clients every single day. Find out more about this outstanding business as we take a closer look following its success in New World Report’s North America Business Awards 2020. ocused firmly on delivering an exceptional commitment to customer service, consistency, honesty, and practicing business in an ethical manner, Top Tier Group truly lives up to its namesake. As a close knit team, the core values and goals throughout all divisions of the business are the same, and that allows everyone to keep an open mind regarding new business ventures and processes that allow it to stay relevant whilst also diversifying its reach within the community. Top Tier Group was originally formed and founded by Michael and Damian, two long-time friends who recognized a business opportunity and understood that mutual trust, respect, and drive are what it takes to grow a company in an aggressive market. By continuing to use these characteristics when expanding the team, the Top Tier Group family not only grows in size, but also in its ability to cater to new and old customers alike. Whilst Top Tier Group itself is relatively young, it is backed by nearly thirty years of experience in sales, operations, management, and business development between Michael and Damian. As much growth and excitement as there has been so far for the firm, there is plenty more to come. By creating a dynamic, youthful, and talented team that has bags of experiences and technologically-savvy understanding, Top Tier Group stays at the forefront of changes in each division of its company. When new health regulations arise for safety products, the firm ensures that its suppliers’ products all meet new code before purchasing. It rigorously inspects products for defects and only agrees to use the best, safest, and most efficient methods for its business, whether that’s new software for marketing, new devices for productivity, or simply branding itself so that the public knows what Top Tier Group is all about. Though Top Tier Group has several divisions, there is one that has become increasingly busy due to the emergence of COVID-19, and that is the safety supply side of the business. Currently, Top Tier Safety Supplies is doing business with hospital brokers, surgeries, pharmacies, and a good amount of hospitality chains that need low-cost PPE in order to stay in business. The firm has strived to help keep the public safe and health whilst also helping small businesses stay open during lockdowns and quarantine periods. Moreover, Top Tier Group understands the financial that the government has been put through by having to supply hospitals and frontline workers with proper gear. Therefore, it has ensured that it is in a place where it can make several large product contributions to larger, busier hospitals to emphasize that it is not here to take advantage during a pandemic. Its customers are people, and people need to be safe. Another core area of Top Tier Group is that of removals and moving products. Whether it be a local move, a long-distance move, or simply a storage scenario, Top Tier Moving and Storage can help with full packing and unpacking services, overseas moving, and freight services. What stands Top Tier Moving and Storage apart from its competitors, and what stands Top Tier Group apart in general, is the firm’s drive and commitment to exceptional service. The business plan is twenty five years strong, but the firm’s greatest strength is the team’s ability to adapt and overcome anything that may seem like an obstacle. The name Top Tier is well earned, given the core belief that everyone has a right and a place in business. However, to be on top requires a complete dedication to nothing but the best. Ultimately, this is a firm that is outstanding in every aspect, and it deserves every recognition for its success. Company: Top Tier Group Contact: Isabel Grindell Website: Instagram: Nov20075 Modern Removals Company of the Year - Ontario Focused firmly on delivering an exceptional commitment to customer service, consistency, honesty, and practicing business in an ethical manner, Top Tier Group truly lives up to its namesake. F