North America Business Awards 2020

14 | North America Business Awards 2020 Nov20270 NF Skin is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality skincare products based in South Florida. Recently, we caught up with Rachel Hutson to learn how they became one of the best skincare product manufacturers in the South Atlantic USA. Best Skincare Products Manufacturer - South Atlantic USA F Skin is the go-to source for everything related to the creation of a private label skincare brand. If you’re searching for a high-quality contract manufacturer to handle the production and distribution of your private label hemp cosmetics, then look no further. “Our industry-leading skincare, body care, hair care, supplements, pet care and herbal nutrition products are made with both age-defying and wellness-enhancing ingredients to address consumer needs” Rachel begins. “All of our products are made with natural herbs and clinically supported ingredients for safe and effective care. We are deeply committed to using only the best ingredients, and you can count on us to deliver products you would proudly stand behind for your consumers.” With over 20 years’ experience as manufacturers and brand developers, we are the perfect go-to source for the creation of luxury private label brands.” As a workforce of multiple generations, cultures, and professional backgrounds, NF Skin is well positioned to succeed in the industry due to the internal culture in place, as Rachel explains further. “As a diverse team, we take multiple variables into account when we create, strategize, and problem-solve for our clients. Thanks to our combined skill sets, professional knowledge, and trade relationships, we are extremely well-versed and connected in the beauty and wellness industries. Without compromising the intimacy of our small business, we have the capabilities of a large corporation!” NF Skin offers clients a unique selling point when it comes to differentiating themselves from the crowd. They have not only 6+ years of experience developing blends with Cannabidiol (CBD), but they manage as much of the branding process as needed by their clients, including but not limited to R&D, container selection, packaging design, product photography, CBD compliance, and fulfillment. Working in a constantly changing industry such as skincare can be rather difficult, however, as Rachel points out, to ensure it remains at the forefront of any emerging developments the firm typically has three key values: “Customer service, passionate innovation and transparency are all key factors. Firstly, we are more than just a team of consultants or project coordinators. Our experienced sales specialists are there for their clients every step of the way throughout the branding journey. When you work with NF Skin, you are also supported by an organization committed to research and data. We only create unique and premium blends with demonstrated market acceptance for our clients.” “Additionally, in our attempts to be transparent, we present COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) from ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited labs for each manufactured product. These are available to our client’s consumers via a scannable QR code printed on the outer packaging of all products with hemp-derived ingredients.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 dramatically changing the way consumers spend, the firm has quickly adapted to the shift in health-centric shopping habits by focusing on the development and distribution of skincare blends and herbal nutrition. “Consumers have a higher self-awareness for their health and quality of life than ever. Currently, products such as immune boost capsules, immune boost sprays, CBD tinctures, serums, and facial creams that address health or skin concerns are all in high demand, so as a manufacturer, that’s where we’re shifting our attention to. Bringing the interview to a close, Rachel signs off by commenting on the firm’s future and shares its plans for 2021 and beyond. “Recently, we launched an online marketplace for beauty and wellness products ( ). One of the brands featured on the site (LIV SKIN) is endorsed by a renowned plastic surgeon in Miami and was developed with CBD, clinically supported ingredients, and an array of botanical herbs and extracts used in traditional holistic therapies. This line is natural, clean, effective, and smells fantastic! In August of 2021, this line will be showcased on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland.” Company: NF Skin Contact: Rachel Hutson Website: N