North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 15 Oct20702 Established in 2014, PZI International Consulting, Inc. provides highly transformative, and customized business and human capital management solutions to global corporations. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the North America Business Awards 2020, we got in touch with Debbie McGee, President/CEO to find out more. Human Capital Consultancy of the Year - USA ocated in Huntsville, Alabama, the overall mission of PZI International Consulting is to help its clients reach organizational success by empowering individuals with fluency in global strategy and communication disciplines. Going into further details, Debbie begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its client base. “PZI International Consulting is a global human capital solutions company boasting a large corporate presence and worldwide experience. Naturally, this has created our niche of being nimble, flexible, and affordable for global companies. Using our core values of putting people first, always finding a path, and seeing the job through to the end, we have never lost sight of our objectives.” As a global human capital solutions company, the firm believes in attracting seasoned professionals and new employees when it comes, to recruitment. “By recruiting candidates with different levels of experience this gives the seasoned professionals a new perspective on solutions and gives the new employees exposure to a wealth of global experience. Through our unique business model, we can attract and retain employees, and the greatest compliment we hear is ‘I love my job, every day is new and exciting with different scenarios and solutions.’” Although PZI International Consulting, Inc does have competitors, the firm has been able to keep the majority of these at bay thanks to its specialist capabilities, as Debbie points out. “Rather than acting as a one-stop-shop for all HCM needs, many of our competitors can only offer their expertise in one or two areas. On the other hand, we are highly adept in all seven areas including talent globalization ®, relocation management, treasury management, global PEO, international benefits, people development, and business systems/services.” Working in a constantly evolving industry such as human resources is not easy, and as Debbie goes on to explain, the firm is fully aware of just how important remaining at the forefront of any emerging developments is. “Due to the changing nature of our industry, we are consistently increasing our knowledge in new countries for our global PEO or new immigration regulation in our global HCM. Management routinely stays abreast of these new changes with our 200+ global partners. With each of our clients having unique scenarios, we want to ensure we are providing them with unique compliant solutions.” Despite its progress to date, the firm has had to overcome several challenges since its inception, as Debbie elaborates further. “Financially we have had to look hard at what we were doing for marketing, and where possible cut extra staff that was not being fully utilized or didn’t have the skill set that we needed to be nimble and flexible. While cutting staff is not a pleasant experience for any organization, it did let us look at what our core products are, and the skill sets needed, going forward, to become lean and agile. “Location-wise, being based in Huntsville can be a challenge itself with the area not known for its international capabilities. Every major government contractor is here, as well as large global companies’ headquarters. As a global company with the breadth of experience and reach that we have, it’s not normal to be headquartered in a smaller city. As the President of the North Alabama International Trade Association (NAITA), I am working hard with our board to change the perception of Huntsville to a more international hub.” Just like the majority, of businesses around the world, the firm initially suffered from the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. However, the team adapted to the situation and managed to overcome the challenges presented thanks to its virtual platform. “Rather than lose our contracts and our people, we aggressively started redesigning our training into a virtual platform that would ensure the same interactive content and feel, while not physically being together” Debbie explains. “Additional training for all our facilitators with new platforms and technology was also put into place during the lockdown.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Debbie signs off by revealing her hopes and plans for PZI International Consulting in the years to come. “The firm continues to grow with its country presence, employee experience, and products/services offered. Moving forward, the growth of our International Education division will be our next focus.” Company: PZI International Consulting, Inc. Contact: Debbie McGee Website: L