North America Business Awards 2020

30 | North America Business Awards 2020 Nov20013 Rizo, Erreguerena y Garza-Cantú, S.C. is a leading legal firm that was founded in order to provide consultancy and litigation services on matters pertaining to tax and administration. Benefiting from thirty years of experience in private practice and federal tax administration, the firm is able to provide added-value services to its clients, with whom they have built strong, trusting, and equal partnerships. Best Tax Litigation Firm - Mexico City ased in Mexico City, Rizo, Erreguerena y Garza-Cantú, S.C. was established with a view to render consultancy and litigation services on tax and administration matters that provided added-value for clients in its excess of thirty years of experience in private practice and federal tax administration sectors of the law. The firm’s success is built on its commitment to excellence achieved through establishing strong, trusting relationships with clients. Collaborating closely with them, the firm is able to provide efficient and personalized solutions for their client’s individual legal matters, providing an unbiased and detailed analysis of their options which adhere to the regulatory framework in order that they may make their own informed decisions, with the support of the legal team. As such, the team offers counselling for clients on the due compliance of tax and customs obligations on both a national and international scale, optimizing how the firm’s resources can be utilised and providing certainty in decision making. Similarly, the firm’s services in consultancy include handling strategies that implement control and supervision to entities of the Public Administration. For clients requiring Representation before Authorities, the firm provides professional support for the processes that are inherent in taxpayer relations with the Revenue Service or Federal Treasury. From administrative procedures to in-depth audits, the firm is able to provide comprehensive advice and guidance. Moreover, by clarifying all procedures that may be initiated by tax authorities, the firm is able to prevent unnecessary conflict whilst minimising the risk of contingencies. The firm also provides litigation services in the event of a discrepancy with authorities on tax and administrative matters, including foreign trade and administrative responsibilities. The team’s ten years of practice in this area has equipped its lawyers with leading insights and experience in both administrative and constitutional courts. However the firm serves its clients, it does so with strict adherence to its founding values of Rectitude, Honesty, and Integrity. With these in mind, the firm strives to adapt to stay up to date with developments in the industries of its clients and the constantly evolving nature of tax law through regular training and renewal of its qualifications as a team. In addition, the team regularly participates as individuals or as a group in forums and internal teammeetings so as to support each other and become stronger as a united front in best serving the needs of their clients with relevant, effective legal advice. Fundamentally, the Rizo, Erreguerena y Garza-Cantú, S.C. commitment to its clients is to create effective solutions to legal matters in their field, and to do so with professional ethics and to the highest standard of technical excellence. It is thanks to the firm’s strength as a team that it is able to achieve this mission. The internal culture of the practice is based on respect, confidence and closeness, which translates into enhancing the professional experience of their colleagues so that they can deliver high quality, specialized services to their clients. The strength of the team reflects in the strength of the award-winning services they offer to clients. Throughout the pandemic, the firm has tried to continue working side- by-side as much as possible but always with meticulous consideration of the health and safety of its team. At first the firm operated on an equal balance of working in office and working from home, before moving more towards remote working in the later stages of 2020. When the team has returned to the office, it has been with strict adherence to safety protocols that have been put in place so as to allow the collaboration that is integral to the firm’s culture but in a safe, comfortable environment. As such, the firm has been able to focus on helping their clients affected by the pandemic, assisting them to maintain productivity by adapting the firm’s own internal policies to be more flexible to the needs of their clients. As the team looks ahead, its focus will continue to be on striving for excellence in its service that is always one step ahead of adversity or complexity in legal matters. Through maintaining the quality and warmth of the professional and personalized services that the firm is renowned for, Rizo, Erreguerena y Garza-Cantú, S.C. is looking forward to strong growth ahead. Company: Rizo, Erreguerena y Garza-Cantú, S.C. Contact: Paloma García Orozco Website: B