North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 31 Nov20048 Based in Mexico City but operating with a global outreach, the work of innovative architecture studio MATERIA is focused on producing architecture through a design- driven philosophy that is based on genuine and collaborative exploration between studio, client and material. Working to explore the relationship between a clients’ needs and desires, MATERIA is a studio rooted in detail, craft, and technique toward the sensory experience. Discover more about the studio as we take a closer look at its relationships with clients, and the exceptional results that those relationships generate. Materia: Most Innovative Architecture Studio - Mexico City ince its inception, MATERIA has focused its efforts on generating spaces and experiences that are moving, inspiring, and memorable for everyone who encounters them. Built on a foundation of empathy, creativity, craftsmanship, and strategic thinking, the firm has worked tirelessly to create projects and experiences that have helped shape its identity and philosophy; their so called “Atmosphere, Detailed”. The culture, size, and philosophy that the firm operates makes it unique, and has given the studio the opportunity to create projects of all scales and types in a wide range of locations. Regardless of the project type, size, or scope, MATERIA always delivers a high degree of attention to detail. In essence, what the firm brings is the creative freedom and DNA of a small architectural design studio, and the technical and strategic thinking of a big architecture firm. By combining traits from two different styles of studio, MATERIA ensures the creation of valuable and thoughtful places. Within the firm, organizational culture is a core element that is involved in the everyday building of the practice. Every member of the firm is wholly dedicated to research, design, and collaboration through the values of empathy, gratitude, setting the stage for unlimited opportunities of growth and discovery within the architectural field. This focus has enabled the firm to connect deeply with its clients and consultants alike, as well as vendors and allies within the industry. All of this comes together into a specific and rich culture at MATERIA that creates complicity towards quality, execution, ethics, and the sensory experience of every architectural project that the studio carries out. A perfect way of measuring the evolution of MATERIA is to assess how the creative and strategic processes of the projects have changed over time. Although the studio has a wealth of expertise that has been built up over time and is used to inform the working method, the culture changes and constant questioning means that methods and systems can constantly evolve to the best they can be. This is expressed through a wide array of solutions, designs, and expressions that the projects take, and no project is ever the same as those before it. The continuous questioning also lends itself to natural innovation of technology, communications, and ways to collaborate both within and outside of the team at MATERIA. COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected the work done by MATERIA and the wider architecture sector, given that construction was halted, and investors and developers shied away from costly projects given the lack of support from the government. Fortunately for the team at MATERIA, the studio’s financial health and focus into creativity, process and communication made it possible to sustain life and work. Projects abroad, in countries where the impact of COVID-19 has been less severe, have also helped to ease the impact felt on the studio at a local level in Mexico City. That being said, the challenges are far from over for MATERIA. Some projects in Mexico that are related to tourism, infrastructure, hospitality and retail will require the bulk of the studio’s attention as the country and region get back on its feet. One thing is for absolute certain, nothing will stand in the way of MATERIA continuing to deliver residential brilliance from an architectural standpoint. It is a studio that remains as committed as ever to delivering excellence and sensibility within every sensory experience it creates with its clients. Though there are many industries experiencing difficulty in the wake of COVID-19, MATERIA continues to look proudly towards a future as the studio focuses their energy into reinventing their culture and practice to respond to the new paradigm. Company: MATERIA Contact: Gustavo Carmona Website: S Built on a foundation of empathy, creativity, craftsmanship, and strategic thinking, the firm has worked tirelessly to create projects and experiences that have helped shape its identity and philosophy; their so called “Atmosphere, Detailed”.