North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 29 Best Currency Exchange Software Company 2020 Exchanging currencies is one of those professions and industries that requires technology to move at an incredibly fast pace. Rates can change in an instant, and there needs to be software that can handle the swift changes and decisions that have to be made. Introducing, Clear View Systems, a software developer that creates business solutions for small to mid-size financial institutions. Find out more about this Vancouver-based business as we take a closer look to understand what its software offerings provide for clients. he world of financial exchanges is one that is inclusive of so many different entities and individuals, which is why Clear View Systems works to serve everyone from small family currency exchange shops, to multinational operations and national central banks. Clear View Systems is a small team working remotely from Canada, the United States, Colombia, Serbia, and New Zealand, and they have together developed an award-winning product called CurrencyXchanger, or CXR. This product has been designed from the ground up to be a full business management tool for money service businesses, and now CXR is a desktop solution that runs on Mac and Windows, and is in use by several hundred exchange offices across the globe. Almost all of the in-house development at Clear View Systems is done in 4D, which is a very powerful IDE that comes with its own database server and proprietary language. Why does it matter that the firm is using 4D though? What is so special about it? In the finance world, competition is fierce and Clear View Systems knows that it has to compete with much larger players. It must be able to achieve a lot using minimal man power, and it therefore needs a tool that can give it an edge, as well as speed, power, scalability, and flexibility. 4D is that tool. 4D is a cross-platform development environmental, and it can generate complied code for Mac and Windows, with Linux on the horizon. When comparing 4D to other programming languages, there is a world of difference. For instance, 4D enables its users to develop at the speed of a prototyping tool, but they instead get a final product that is ready to go. Currency exchange as an industry is inextricably linked to travelling and tourism, and 2020 saw these industries take a massive hit with the arrival of COVID-19. Many of Clear View System’s customers have been affected due to the negative impact of the virus on tourism, but money transfer organizations (MTOs) have seen an increase in demand. Since face-to-face transactions have become very limited, the firm’s customers are now seeing the necessity to offer mobile solutions for their respective clients. Mobile solutions allows the end users and clients to book their currency online, or request money transfers without visiting an office. In a time where there is great emphasis on social distancing, this is the very definition of an innovative solution. Delivering all of this service and excellence is one thing, but what exactly marks out Clear View Systems as the best choice for its clients? For one thing, the firm has an outstanding track record with the Better Business Bureau of Canada, with ten consecutive years of achieving an A+ rating. The products themselves have received hundreds of positive testimonials and great ratings from clients all over the world. Clear View Systems is possibly the most innovative company amongst its competitors, and is unique in the way that it offers a variety of T Oct20704 deployment solutions. The firm spends a large amount of time, energy, and effort on research and development to make sure that clients are getting the best and most up to date software. Looking ahead to the future, the team at Clear View Systems has exciting plans in place. It is actively working on several projects, including the seventh iteration of CXR, which will boast more than two hundred new features with an array of new third-party integrations. The firm is also working on a fully cloud-based solution that will be revealed in due course. In essence, the future for Clear View Systems is as exciting as the future of technology itself. The firm is dedicated to going above and beyond in its pursuit of true innovation, and strives to deliver the very best for its clients every single time. Company: Clear View Systems Contact: Tiran Behrouz Website: