North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 25 Founded over forty years ago, DuROCK is a Canadian family-owned business that has become an industry leader in coatings technology, with a commitment to green practices that goes far beyond the ordinary. The firm is renowned for its premium quality systems, excellent service, and for developing custom-design solutions that enable clients to meet specific challenges and requirements. Discover more about what the firm has to offer as we take a closer look at DuROCK. ince it was incepted more than four decades ago in 1979, DuROCK has functioned with its core business being focused on exterior insulated finish systems, or EIFS. Though the firm offers a wealth of eco-friendly products that includes acrylic coatings, specialty interior design finishes, decorative concrete resurfacing products, cement compounds, and more, it is the innovation behind the EIFS that has marked the firm as truly outstanding in the industry. Regardless of the product type, everything that DuROCK focuses on delivering is designed to increase a building’s energy effieicny, thermal resistance, and drainage capacity. In addition to the wealth of innovation and excellence that is already on show, DuROCK’s systems are non- hazardous, maximize environmental and indoor air quality, have low volatile organic compounds, and qualify for valuable points towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) qualification. DuROCK has a dedicated team of professionals that serve clients in Canada and around the wider world, and the firm’s international business portfolio includes work on commercial developments, hotel and housing developments, high-end residential projects, and low-to-middle income housing developments. Whether it be in Asia, the Caribbean, Central & South America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, DuROCK maintains a standard of excellence everywhere in the world. The team of professionals also endeavours to always remain ahead of the technological and industry-focused curve by inventing and improving existing systems, and by developing new product lines that customers can add to their existing portfolios. Revolutionizing an industry is not an easy thing to do, but that is exactly what DuROCK has done with the EIFS that it has introduced to the market. By developing a superior EIFS that has been incorporated into the Ontario Building Code, DuROCK has set the standard for all others to try and achieve. What a time to do it as well, with research showing that the EIFS market size is projected to grow frommore than sixty billion US dollars in 2018 to almost one hundred and ten billion US dollars by 2023, at a CAGR of 12.24%. One of the reasons that this particular market is witnessing considerable growth is due to the increasingly stringent regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There has been no secret made of the united world’s agenda to reduce energy consumption, or at leastmake the energy consumedmore renewable. For buildings that are housing a great deal of energy, efficiency is absolutely paramount, and that is where DuROCK specialises in helping. With stringent building energy codes in regions across North America and Europe, there is a growing necessity for buildings to adhere to them. Adherence also comes with rebates and tax credits from governments that are willing to pay out to energy-efficient homes and buildings, and this financial incentive has also acted a key factor that is driving the growth of the EIFS market that DuROCK is part of. Ultimately, DuROCK has built a global reputation for delivering excellence with the EIFS market. With it only to set to grow and keep on growing, the potential for further future success at DuROCK is seemingly limitless. Company: DuROCK Alfacina International Limited Contact: Dolores Ursini Website: Since it was incepted more than four decades ago in 1979, DuROCK has functioned with its core business being focused on exterior insulated finish systems, or EIFS. Nov20104 Best Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) Manufacturer - Ontario S