North America Business Awards 2020

26 | North America Business Awards 2020 Nov20063 Rustic countryside cottages in Southern Ontario sounds like a dream for many, but it is a reality for those that partner with the team at Gilbert & Burke. A residential custom design, build, and remodel firm located in the perfect cottage country of Southern Ontario, Gilbert & Burke designs and creates some of the most outstandingly luxurious and custom-designed cottages across all of Canada. To find out more about the firm, we take a closer look at its unique projects and its quality results. Best Cottage Design- Build Firm - Ontario aving celebrated twenty years in business just last year, Gilbert & Burke is a firm that understands what it means to achieve longevity and success in the same way. Ensuring that each project is a one-of-a-kind, unique, and quality build, the team offer a vast array of cottage-based services that includes in-house building design, interior design, and production. For more than twenty years, the firm has not compromised on the core values that have seen it comes this far. Every member of the team acts with integrity, respect, positivity, collaboration, safety, legality, professionalism, and with an unfaltering commitment to excellence. Understanding how important these core values are to Gilbert & Burke is to understand the firm itself, and the work that it does. The firm creates stunningly unique and luxurious cottages, each with their own charm and character. Surrounded by the beautiful countryside that is Southern Ontario, these cottages are also environmentally-responsible, healthy, and energy-smart. Custom building anything is never easy, but within that task lies the imperative feature of listening to a client. It is no use building something that does not reflect the dreams and vision of the client, and that is something that Gilbert & Burke understands better than most. These cottages are a deeply charming and characterful representation of those that live there, whether it be directly beside the water for those who love to embrace nature, or deep in the woods for those who enjoy the quiet life. Where Gilbert & Burke stands apart from the competition is in the fact that it utilises a cloud-based project management system. Many of the clients do not live where their project is situated, as it is often a vacation property. The firm’s software allows them to log in from anywhere with an Internet connection, and see photos and daily logs of work that is going on. Gilbert & Burke also functions as a one-stop-shop for custom-built cottages. Clients do not have to worry about having multiple points of contact, as the firm’s process creates a single one point of contact for clients and their vision. From conception of ideas and designs, right through to discussions of budgets and interior design, to finally handing over the keys and being able to step inside, Gilbert & Burke takes care of everything. It even handles the technology side of the business, and works tirelessly to source and integrate technology wherever possible in order to stay connected with clients throughout a build process. Clients want to know that their dream vision is in the right hands, and constant communication can allay any fears and keep a project well on track. Being technologically-savvy has also had many benefits for the team at Gilbert & Burke. For instance, the firm utilizes experts in the field of digital marketing to promote the company online through as many digital channels as possible. By measuring the results and constantly updating SEO options, Gilbert & Burke has been able to build a solid online reputation that encapsulates what the firm is truly about. The firm has also made a conscious effort to keep abreast of software, cloud platforms, and various applications to help better manage and present projects both in the field, and in the design stages. 2020 marked a significant year and milestone for Gilbert & Burke as the firm turned twenty years old. Though the celebrations and events were put on hold due to COVID-19, the firm is not stopping its plans for further growth and expansion. Expansion of the sales force is happening right now, and there are new systems and management that is being formulated and put into place. Gilbert & Burke is very much in the business of making people’s dreams come true, and by continuing to mentor and cultivate new talent, there is no reason why the firm cannot go another twenty years and make even more dreams come to life. Company: Gilbert + Burke Contact: Cathy Burke Website: H