North America Business Awards 2020

24 | North America Business Awards 2020 Most Innovative Communications Agency - Alberta The word innovative is bandied around a lot these days, without much thought as to what the word really means, or why it should be applied to a certain thing. Does the recipient of that coveted title truly do something different, or benefit the world of business is some radical new way? Though these innovative entities can be hard to find, we at NewWorld Report have unearthed one such firm: BLKWTR Creative. A unique, transformative, and self-titled un-agency, this business from built from the ground up to be exactly the thing that businesses were looking for in a partner. Find out more as we take a closer look at this truly innovative communications agency. oing things in a typical way can have its own benefits, including a tried and trusted method that often gets results. However, humanity is currently living through a period of great change and digitalization, and results are not being obtained to the same quality as they were before. This is where BLKWTR Creative comes into the picture. Considering itself an un-agency, this creative communications agency does not do things in a typical way, and its clients can seriously benefit from its radical approach. BLKWTR Creative trusts entirely in the creative and transformative power of design. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that humanity has in its arsenal, and this communications agency trusts entirely in creating the dynamic visual dialogue that is needed to establish important connections for a client brand. BLKWTR Creative believes firmly in meaningful communications, and in forming great relationships through those communications. Bringing people together has never been more important than it is right now, and the power of meaningful communication is one that businesses everywhere should be tapping into. In essence, BLKWTR Creative is a one-stop-shop for meaningful communications with an all-in-one, in-house marketing team that offers everything including strategic services, creative design and branding, graphic design, website design and development, photography, and digital marketing. Utilising all of these skills and services is one thing, but BLKWTR Creative does so in such a way that truly highlights the brand’s story rather than display the firm’s impressive creative skills. Hiring this firm as a partner means working alongside a firm that appreciates the fact that nobody knows a client’s business better than the client themselves. BLKWTR Creative listens to its clients, understanding that they are experts in their own domain. Ascertaining goals, needs, requirements, and a story, the team collaborates to coax out a message, and then deliver it with mind-blowing power and finesse. Clients take all shapes and sizes, but BLKWTR Creative knows the secret to lasting success. If a client is making something simply to sell it, it rarely has that lasting legacy and storytelling power. However, when a client is seeking to change the world or disrupt the industry norm, that is where the story lies. That is where the pulling power is, and that is where BLKWTR Creative can truly make a difference. For all the innovation and the services provided, there is an exceptional team that delivers them. Each member of the team brings something innovative, inventive, clever, and visionary. BLKWTR Creative’s team is adaptable, unlimited, capable, and authentic, sharing stories, telling tales, and creating catalysts in the world of business. BLKWTR Creative is here to help its clients make beautiful, original, and radical work, whatever form that may take. Telling a story is one thing, but telling a story that sticks in the mind and leaves an impression is another thing entirely. For any client across a myriad of industries, BLKWTR Creative represents the chance to tell their story in an outstanding and innovative way. Bringing together all aspects of communications and storytelling, BLKWTR Creative connects the dots from conception to resolution, and delivers results that have the authenticity and audacity to tell a story like no-one else. In a world where stories are important, and where communicating matters more than ever before, businesses should turn to this highly innovative and inventive firm, full of storytellers and communicators that understand how important it truly is. Company: BLKWTR Creative Contact: Avi Butalia Website: Nov20097 D BLKWTR Creative believes firmly in meaningful communications, and in forming great relationships through those communications.