North America Business Awards 2020

20 | North America Business Awards 2020 Oct20711 Most Innovative Portable Restrooms & Showers Rental Company - USA Sixteen years ago, a father found himself in need of having to take his potty-training daughter to an event in a community park when the need to use a toilet arose. After lamenting the fact that he was forced to use a dirty port-a-potty, he knew there had to be a better solution. Thus, Royal Restrooms was created as a solution. Today, the firm provides luxury portable restrooms that are dedicated to elevating any event or experience by providing clean and comfortable restrooms and showers. Find out more about this exclusive and niche industry as we profile one its leaders. ince its establishment, Royal Restrooms has built a reputation for being an outstanding, dependable, and reliable company that provides luxurious portable restrooms. Whether it be for a wedding of more than five hundred, or showers need to be sent into the aftermath of a natural disaster, Royal Restrooms prides itself on providing the highest quality facilities possible. At the firm’s outset, it started with the signature single stall restroom trailer, but it has since grown to have multiple designs for other restrooms and showers in an extensive fleet. There is even a design for a sink trailer that features eight hands-free sinks that work well in public spaces, including schools, government buildings, and medical facilities. Though the luxury portable restroom industry as a whole does not evolve very much at all, Royal Restrooms certainly does, and this is what sets the firm apart from its competition in the industry. It is constantly making changes to the makeup of its fleet of restroom and showers to include suggestions made by franchisees, clients, and service techs. Royal Restrooms has never rested on its laurels, and is always looking to improve its designs. Just some of the improvements include less water usage, lighter weight for easier transport and less fuel, and redesigned interior spaces to allow for larger guest areas and more efficient mechanical room space. What makes the company even more outstanding and a unique figure in the industry is the family feel to the company at every level. Little accomplishments are celebrated as much as big ones, and there is a real sense of community to the work carried out. It is a group of franchisees that usually start off as part-time people who then are able to buy a business they believe in. The staff are not multi-millionaires who invest in a company and then stick a person in to run the business as their own personal retirement fund. This is different, and this is better. The franchisees at Royal Restrooms are families who believe in what they are doing. Brides become friends, and corporate clients who have been part of the firm for years have their kids’ birthday parties remembered. This is not a faceless organization in for a quick buck. Royal Restrooms is very much a company that answers the phone personally on a Friday night in order to properly troubleshoot an issue. Royal Restrooms may not be a large conglomerate, but it shines because of that. It is a family unit which looks out for its clients, as part of the extended family. When the portable restroom industry S took a hit in 2020 with the arrival of COVID-19, everyone held their collective breath. Thankfully, the firm was able to mobilize itself nationwide in a bid to serve at hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities to provide sanitization stations where frontline workers could shower before and after their shift. Looking to the future, there is no doubt that events will return, and so too with Royal Restrooms. It is currently working on a custom line of trailers that will be a turning point for the company, as they will revolutionize the luxury restroom trailer market and change the way that they are marketed, priced, and used by the client. Royal Restrooms will be able to incorporate all customer feedback and staff changes into its fleet quickly and efficiently. Sink trailers will change the way COVID-19 is handled in public space, and Royal Restrooms will enable safe and sufficient COVID-19 protection in so many places. Ultimately, we all value cleanliness, but it is imperative at this time to be extra vigilant with how clean we are being. Royal Restrooms brings a sense of luxury to portable restrooms, and a sense of proper cleanliness at a time of national pandemic. Company: Royal Restrooms Contact: David E. Sauers, Jr. Website: 2 | N rt A ri B i A r 2 Oct20672 Since its establishment, Royal Restrooms has built a reputation for being an outstanding, dependable, and reliable company that provides luxurious portable restrooms.